Maryland Senate Republican Caucus – 2010 Opening Day and Maryland Voter Outrage

While the media and political pundits view the state budget as the major
issue for the new legislative session of the General Assembly, it is likely
that the budget and all other issues will be overshadowed by the surging
voter anger in Maryland as legislators approach the 2010 elections.

Voter outrage over state overspending and high taxes was evident less than
eight hours after legislators introduced the first bills and cast procedural
votes on the first day of the 2010 Legislative Session. Braving
below-freezing temperatures, over 2000 citizens gathered on Lawyer’s Mall at
the steps of the side entrance of the Governor’s Mansion to protest loudly
their disagreements with the current Administration.

Governor Martin O’Malley’s opening day speech to legislators repeated his
pre-session media refrain that he’s now about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”  But
Maryland needs more that talking about jobs and citizens at the rally were
skeptical that O’Malley’s new found interest will have any impact on
Maryland’s high unemployment rates that have occurred after three years of
higher taxes and increased regulation under his leadership.

According to reporter E.B. Furgurson, III, of The Capital, two speakers who
addressed state economic themes were:

Queen Anne’s County’s Donna Gildea, who owns D Squared Technology, a
communications technology representative firm:  “Small business truly is the
engine of our economy. Politicians ask how can we create jobs … that is
not the government’s responsibility. The government’s responsibility is to
get out of our way, (remove) unnecessary regulations, taxes and fees.”

Neil Parrot, a small-business owner from Hagerstown who carpooled with “15
or 20” like-minded residents from Washington County, also spoke about
Maryland’s economic situation. “We just passed one of the largest tax
increases in Maryland history,” he said. “This is unacceptable. We are
losing good businesses because of these fiscal policies.”

The rally was sponsored as a Tea Party event by several Maryland Tea Party
organizations and supported by Americans for Prosperity, Campaign for
Liberty, Maryland Taxpayers Association, Institute for Liberty and Help Save

Citizens at the rally pledged to return to Annapolis throughout the
legislative session to testify on bills and protest O’Malley’s policies that
promote the chronic overspending that has created a more than $2 billion
state deficit.

With the 2010 elections looming, elected officials and legislators are wary
of how widespread is the voter discontentment in Maryland and will it be
focused on the one-party rule of Democrats in political office.

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