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What a Sack of Sacrosanct

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:05 PM PDT

Elena Kagan

In The New York Times’ profile on the family of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, her aunt was quoted as saying: “There was thinking, always thinking” at the family’s dinner table. “Nothing was sacrosanct.”

Really? Nothing was sacrosanct? Because in my experience, on a scale of 1-to-infinity, the range of acceptable opinion among New York liberals goes from 1-to-1.001.

How would the following remarks fare at a dinner table on the Upper West Side where “nothing was sacrosanct”: Hey, maybe that Joe McCarthy was onto something. What would prayer in the schools really hurt? How do we know gays are born that way? Is it possible that union demands have gone too far? Does it make sense to have three recycling bins in these microscopic Manhattan apartments? Say, has anyone read Charles Murray’s latest book?

Those comments, considered “conversation starters” in most of the country, would get you banned from polite society in New York. And unless you want the whole room slowly backing away from you, also avoid: May I smoke? I heard it on Fox News and Merry Christmas!

Even members of survivalist Christian cults in Idaho at least know people who hold opposing views. New York liberals don’t.

As Kagan herself described it, on the Upper West Side of New York where she grew up, “Nobody ever admitted to voting Republican.” So, I guess you could say being a Democrat was “sacrosanct.”

Even within the teeny-tiny range of approved liberal opinion in New York, disagreement will get you banned from the premises.

When, as dean of the Harvard Law School, Kagan disagreed with the Bill Clinton policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” for gays in the military, she open-mindedly banned military recruiters from the law school, denouncing Clinton’s policy as “discriminatory,” “deeply wrong,” “unwise and unjust.”

From this, I conclude that having gays serving openly in the military is “sacrosanct” for liberals.

Jeremiah Wright: US Under Obama Apartheid Nation

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:04 PM PDT

Jeremiah Wright

President Barack Obama’s former mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, compared the United States with apartheid South Africa during a seminar in Chicago last week and claimed the civil rights movement was about “becoming white.”

The comments were part of a five-day class Obama’s former pastor taught at the Chicago Theological Seminary, according to Fox News and The New York Post.

In the seminar, Wright reportedly told those in the class they will never “be a brother to white folk,” describing racial divisions in the country as entrenched — as he did as pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ.

The civil rights movement “was always about becoming white,” Wright said at the seminar.

At another point, he said: “White folk done took this country. You’re in their home and they’re going to let you know it.”

Wright also alleged that the American education system is built to poorly educate black students “by malignant intent” and criticized civil rights leader Martin Luther King for advocating nonviolence, the Post reported.

“We probably have more African-Americans who’ve been brainwashed than we have South Africans who’ve been brainwashed,” he said.

Casa Fiesta owner gets 366 days for illegal workers

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:03 PM PDT

The owner of the Casa Fiesta Mexican restaurant chain charged with eight counts of harboring and concealing illegal aliens, three counts of mail fraud, and seven counts of subscribing to a false tax return was sentenced to one year and one day in prison yesterday, according to court documents.

Ramon Ornelas, of Norwalk, was sentenced in the United States Ninth District Court by Judge Jack Zouhary. He and his attorney David Bauer asked for probation or house arrest due to the unusual family circumstances, but the judge ordered him to prison instead, court documents state.

Federal agents searched the restaurants owned by Ornelas in July 2008 and found 58 undocumented Mexican nationals working.

Video: THE BORDERS ARE QUITE SECURE. Congressman Pete Stark’s Town hall meeting in Fremont CA

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:03 PM PDT

Congressman Pete Stark

Calderón says drug gangs behind candidate’s killing

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:01 PM PDT

Gunmen assassinated the front-running candidate for governor of a Mexican border state Monday in what President Felipe Calderón called an attempt by drug gangs to sway local and state elections this weekend.

The assailants ambushed Rodolfo Torre’s vehicle as he headed to the airport in Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas, a state torn by a turf battle between two rival drug cartels. At least four other people traveling with him were killed.

“Today has proven that organized crime is a permanent threat and that we should close ranks to confront it and avoid more actions like the cowardly assassination that today has shaken the country,” Calderón said in a televised speech. “We cannot and should not permit crime to impose its will or its perverse rules.”

He warned that organized crime “wants to interfere in the decisions of citizens and in electoral processes.”

Torre, 46, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, is the first gubernatorial candidate assassinated in Mexico in recent memory. He is the highest-ranking candidate killed since Luis Donaldo Colosio, also of the PRI, was gunned down while running for president in 1994.

The attack was the biggest setback yet for Sunday’s elections in 12 states. Corruption scandals, threats and attacks on politicians have raised fears for months that Mexico’s powerful drug cartels are buying off candidates they support and intimidating those they oppose.


Clintons Distance Themselves From Obama

Subject: Clintons Distance Themselves From Obama

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Published on on June 30, 2010

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A little bit of daylight has begun to emerge between the Clintons and President Obama. As the president’s ratings drop — recently, particularly among liberals — the first signs are beginning to show of distance between the former rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As always with the Clintons, the signs are made evident by a carefully choreographed two-step in which they fill their separate roles, one as an outsider and the other as a loyal insider to the Obama Administration. But never doubt that everything these two do is coordinated and orchestrated.

On Bill’s end, there emerge faint signs of disagreement with the president. Commenting on the Gulf oil spill, the former president warned against ratcheting up the rhetoric against BP noting that it is that firm’s expertise upon which the Administration must rely to end the spill and terminate the slide in his ratings that it has triggered. More confrontationally, Bill has endorsed Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff for the Democratic Senate nomination in Colorado even as the Obama White House is strongly backing Michael Bennet, the Democratic Senator appointed to fill the seat vacated by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. For Bill Clinton to challenge Obama so overtly to a proxy battle in the Colorado Senate primary is, indeed, remarkable considering his wife’s role in the Administration.

Hillary, as befits her position — but not necessarily her personality — is more demure. While she takes no shots at her boss and does not cross him in any way, she is gradually expanding her purview beyond the foreign affairs mandate of her job. It was Secretary of State Clinton who first released to the media the fact that Obama’s Justice Department would be suing the state of Arizona over their new anti-illegal immigration law. And it was also the Secretary of State who noted that she felt that rich people were not paying their "fair share" of taxes in the U.S., while carefully explaining that she was only expressing her personal views. Would Condi Rice have thusly spoken out? Or Madeline Albright? Or even Colin Powell?

Hillary’s forays into domestic policy issues come through her role as a former presidential candidate, not the most comfortable of hats to wear while working in the White House of one’s former adversary.

So…where will this lead? If Obama recovers his popularity and keeps control of Congress it won’t lead to anything. But should his drop continue and the Republicans win the 2010 elections, a groundswell could emerge for Hillary for the 2012 nomination. The Clintons’ moves indicate that they are fully aware of this possibility and want to be in a position to exploit it should the opportunity arise.

The more immediate impact, however, will likely be harsh and swift retaliation from the Obama White House, particularly against Bill for his Romanoff endorsement. These boys and girls come from Chicago where politics is played a little bit differently. Look for no more presidential missions to North Korea or Haiti for a while for the former president and for some strong indication of White House displeasure.

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Narcotics agents arrest suspected cartel member in Oklahoma City – Mexican Cartel Leader

Narcotics agents arrest suspected cartel member in Oklahoma City
Oklahoman June 29, 2010
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents said they arrested a suspected Mexican drug cartel leader during a raid this morning.
Undercover agents became aware of their main suspect three months ago, after Arizona passed Senate Bill 1070 – the new immigration law that allows police to search anyone for valid documentation of citizenship.
“Our target received a dispatch from Mexico, and was told to leave Phoenix because of the new immigration law,” said an undercover case agent whose name is being withheld to protect his identity. “He was told to set up shop in Oklahoma City. Fortunately, in a very short time, we learned of his presence and were able to infiltrate his operation
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From Ron Miller – My favorite Political Writer in the World – The Truth about Ehrlich and Big Oil

Ron Miller Executive Director of Regular Folks United

The Truth about Ehrlich and Big Oil

Governor Martin O’Malley convened a panel of experts to assess the possibility of the oil spill from the ruptured BP well in the Gulf of Mexico reaching the Chesapeake Bay, an event he concedes is “highly unlikely.” Regrettably, an oil spill has already reached our shores, and the slime is spewing from the ruptured conscience of Martin O’Malley.

Most of you know by now that Governor O’Malley’s campaign ran an ad linking his prospective opponent, former governor Bob Ehrlich, to “Big Oil,” one of many perpetual bogeymen in the liberal playbook. Columnist Blair Lee summed up the ad:

Maryland voters are used to a variety of low-level political dirty tricks: tearing down lawn signs, phony ballots, running a candidate with the same name as your opponent’s and so on. But rarely do we witness a decision made at the very top to purposely deceive voters using a widespread media campaign based on complete falsehoods. But that’s what Martin O’Malley just did. Virtually every facet of O’Malley’s radio ad is either a gross misrepresentation or a lie.

Let’s count the ways O’Malley lied.

He said Ehrlich was a lobbyist – WRONG.

According to Lee, “Bob Ehrlich is not, and never has been, a lobbyist. Nor has he done any legal work for oil companies.”

He used Ehrlich’s voice saying “Drill, baby, drill” to further embed him with Big Oil – WRONG.

O’Malley lifted from a 2008 radio show Ehrlich’s reiteration of current RNC chairman Michael Steele’s statement at that year’s Republican National Convention. Unconstrained offshore drilling has never been an Ehrlich policy. In fact, while in Congress, he voted, along with the entire Maryland congressional delegation, for an offshore drilling bill that was more restrictive than what President Bush had requested. So Steny Hoyer, Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin must be in bed with Big Oil, too, huh? Way to make friends and influence people, Governor O’Malley!

He used Ehrlich’s voice saying, “Life’s good; we made a lot of money”, suggesting his ties to Big Oil were financially rewarding to him personally – WRONG.

This statement was taken from an interview in which Ehrlich discussed the pros and cons of running again for governor. He was referring to his work in the private sector in general, not any money made from Big Oil.

Certainly one of the cons of him reentering the race was being subjected to the tar balls of the O’Malley oil spill washing ashore and fouling up the political landscape.

O’Malley’s attempts to smear Ehrlich with oil, and his convening of an oil spill panel, are particularly despicable when you consider he raided the Oil Disaster Clean Up Fund as part of his band-aid and bailing wire solution to close his fiscal year 2010 budget deficit. He doesn’t really care about the oil spill or the influence of Big Oil. He’s a hypocrite.

I once called this man “one of the most selfish and dangerous politicians in Maryland today”, and this act of desperation and duplicity reinforces my opinion. He’s trying to distract the voters from the pain he’s inflicted on them through higher taxes, bloated budgets, and anti-business policies that have resulted in thousands of Marylanders being out of work.

His slogan, “Moving Maryland Forward”, isn’t sticking because the hard-working people of Maryland, especially small business owners, know the only way he’s moving us forward is toward the edge of a cliff. Maybe he means “Moving illegal immigrants and the net recipients of government aid Forward.” That would be more accurate.

I’ve talked to several small business owners, and they are angry with Governor O’Malley and his cronies in the General Assembly.  When the small business owners are angry, they talk to their customers, their friends and their families, and the word gets around.

The polls bear this out; the race between O’Malley and Ehrlich is essentially a dead heat.

A lot can happen between now and the general election. Both men have primary opponents, Brian Murphy on the GOP side and George Owings in the Democratic primary. Ehrlich is naming a running mate this week, and either man could say or do something which changes the race.

For now, however, O’Malley’s gone negative and false early and ominously. This well might not be capped for a few months, so get your skimmers out – the slime is coming.

Ron Miller, of Huntingtown, is a military veteran, conservative writer and activist, communications director for the Calvert County Republican Party, and executive director of Regular Folks United, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Ron is a regular contributor to RegularFolksUnited.comAmerican Thinker, and You can also follow Ron on his website, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Breaking news on

Subject: Breaking news on

Special Edition, June 30, 2010
Janet Owens won’t run again for Anne Arundel County executive

Janet Owens won’t be running again for Anne Arundel County executive after months of exploring the race, Owens told this morning.

“I feel somewhat ambivalent about it,” said Owens, who served two terms in the post. “I have a happy life. I would have to give that up” and run what would need to be a bruising, “factually negative” campaign against Republican incumbent John Leopold.

This leaves the field open for Democrat Joanna Conti, who will not have a primary opponent if no one else files by Tuesday’s deadline.

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Larry Hogan to be next Lt. Governor for Bob Ehrlich – atleast the Media thinks

As I Promised I would, if Informatoin surfaced that Don Murphy was not working for the SEIU

This morning I received a call from another undisclosed source, explaining that, Ex Delegate Don Murphy is no longer working for the SEIU and has not for past few years.  As I stated previously, if these facts become certain, that I would write a retraction to the fact, which I am now doing.

I also explained, that I was provided information regarding his past associations with the SEIU through his firm as a Lobbyist.

In closing, as I told the undisclosed source, this was by no means a personal attack, but because Dr. Wargotz has been linked to Liberals in the past with campaign donations, and then with Don Murphy working for him, that this was some very important information for the voter to know.  That being said, with Don Murphy no longer lobbying for the SEIU, I must retract certain aspects of the article to reflect today’s campaign.  I, in noway condone his lobbying efforts of the past, but since he has decided to take a different path in his career, I apologize for putting out the information.