Illegal Alien charged with Drunken Murder in Virginia had Maryland Driver’s License – Virginia will seek Death Penalty

Subject: Illegal Alien charged with Drunken Murder in Virginia had Maryland Driver’s License – Virginia will seek Death Penalty

To The State of Maryland,

Another case of the State of Maryland giving rights to Illegals and Driver’s License and another death occurs due to DUI manslaughter. What a disgrace. I find it ironic, in Maryland, you have to take a drug test to get a Job, but if you are receiving Welfare, you don’t have to. Strange, don’t you think?

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va.—Prince William County’s top prosecutor said he will ask a grand jury to upgrade charges against convicted drunken driver Carlos Martinelly Montano to felony murder.

Montano, an illegal immigrant from Bolivia, was arraigned Wednesday morning on charges of involuntary manslaughter, drunken driving as a third offense and driving on a revoked license in the Bristow Road crash that killed a nun and seriously injured two of her fellow sisters. A judge ordered him held without bond at the Prince William-Manassas regional jail.

Involuntary manslaughter carries a one- to 20-year prison sentence. Felony murder — defined as a killing that happens during the course of another felony — is punishable by up to 40 years in prison.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert said he doesn’t want to see Montano deported.

“I’ve decided I’m not interested in a criminal’s immigration status,” Ebert said Wednesday. “If he commits the crime here, then he has to pull the time here.”

Montano, 23, came to the United States through California on April 1, 1996, when he was 9 years old, Ebert said.

Between 2006 and the Sunday morning head-on crash along Bristow Road, Montano was twice convicted of drunken driving and a slew of other driving-related offenses.

Prince William officials turned him over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after his DUI arrests. But because Montano was not considered a violent offender, the deportation process wasn’t fast-tracked, ICE officials said.

The case has sparked outrage among Prince William officials and state lawmakers, who are calling for a federal investigation into how Montano was able to obtain a driver’s license in the U.S. and what happened in his deportation process.

Ebert said Montano has two different Social Security numbers and goes by two last names, both Montano and Martinelly.

He said that Montano at some point had a Maryland driver’s license, possibly obtained illegally. It’s unclear if he ever had a Virginia driver’s license, but his privilege to drive in Virginia was revoked after he second DUI.

He is set to appear in court Oct. 13.

A funeral will be held Friday for Sister Denise Mosier, 66, who was killed in the crash.

According to her obituary, Mosier became a Benedictine sister in 1961. She spent many years teaching elementary and high school, then two years at a missionary in Ethiopia and six in Tanzania.

In recent years, she lived at the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia monastery in Bristow.

Fellow sisters Charlotte Lange, 75, and Connie Ruth Lupton, 70, remained at Inova Fairfax Hospital on Wednesday in critical but stable condition.


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  1. […] Virginia illegal alien who killed nun had MD Drivers License I’ve been meaning for days to post on this and to do some digging on the MD Drivers License issue (yes, we were/are giving Drivers Licenses to illegal aliens in Maryland) but have not had a minute.  So since the story is getting old check it out here. […]


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