Governor Martin OWE Malleys blunders and failures during his term

O’Malley secrets in just 4 short years.. Vote smart folks  
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State Response: The State of Maryland has provided limited funding support to Casa de Maryland.  In FY 2009, CASA received $1 million in capital funding for the renovation of a Multi-Cultural Service Center in Langley Park, Maryland and $33,000 in Community Development Tax Credits.  And add this to the $1.4 billion last year to illegal aliens ‘NOT” includingThe health care bills of illegals and we have the best supporter of illegal aliens in America!! Thanks OweMalley!! 
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O’Malley  worst  governor 2008
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It is important to keep in mind that Maryland taxpayers pay the highest local income  taxes in the country. Only 14 states allow local income taxes, and none to the extent of Maryland. Statewide, the rate averages 2.75%, almost one full percentage point higher than the statewide average in Ohio, the state with the second highest average local income tax rate.
_______________________________________________________________ Under the O’Malley plan, Maryland would fall to 43rd best. Maryland’s income
 Tax would be the 49th worst system, trailing only California. …
_____________________________________________________________ Sep 20, 2007 … Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s tax hike plan unveiled on Monday included a $1 increase in the state’s cigarette tax, which would make …
_________________________________________________________________ The Maryland Senate’s tax committee has so far rejected O’Malley’s wise suggestion to expand the sales tax to health club memberships, tanning salons and …
_________________________________________________________________ Nov 13, 2007 … Governor O’Malley followed the traditional strategy, offering a $90 … O’Malley and the legislature deserve thank-you notes from all the …
_______________________________________________________________ The cost of immigration in MD. $1.4 billion  tax $$ to illegal aliens last year, almost $8 billion in 4 years… I have to ask why o’malley gives illegal aliens jobs yet 30% of young black Americans in Baltimore city are without a job and why does he support Casa de Maryland with our tax $$ when they are breaking our laws? They have many day labor camps where they send illegal aliens to work for cash day jobs while many citizens out of work. Most on welfare.. Check out 2224 E. Fayette streets early in the morning. ICE will get ’em..and O’malley will get his pink slip.
Eight governors were awarded an “F” – Martin O’Malley of Maryland, Ted Kulongoski
Of Oregon, Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, Chet Culver of Iowa, Jon Corzine of . – 32k – 2008-10-20
In April 2009, O’Malley signed a traffic speed camera enforcement law
(Senate Bill 277), a bill which he supported and fought for in order to
 Help raise revenue to try to balance the record deficit facing Maryland.
_________________________________________________________________ Maryland’s Martin O’Malley enacted a sweeping $1.4 billion tax package that increased
The corporate income tax rate, the top personal income tax rate, and the … – 32k – 2008-10-20
_________________________________________________________________ Protesters Rip Governor Martin O’Malley for Broken Promises
Over 50 activists staged a rally opposite the governor’s mansion,
 At Lawyers’ Mall, under a hot sun. Most carried signs and posters
 And a few chanted anti-O’Malley/BG&E slogans. One of the protesters was
 Leo Burroughs, Jr., the chairperson of the “Maryland Coalition to
 Stop the BG&E Rate Hike.” He said: “We are not going to be manipulated.
________________________________________________________________ The O’Malley Tax Heist 2008  Gov. Martin O’Malley called Maryland’s lawmakers back to Annapolis late last year
For a special session of the General Assembly. [B][U]O’malley  pulled off one of the greatest tax heists in history.[/U][/B]
At the end of the special session, the top personal and corporate tax rates were increased by 16 percent and 18 percent, respectively. And the sales tax, which kicked in on New Year’s Day, jumped from 5 percent to 6 percent, a whopping 20 percent increase.
Maryland 10th worst state for jobs.. Except for illegal aliens of course..…&ct=clnk&gl=us
_________________________________________________________________ Gov. Martin O’Malley, approved a 50 percent rate increase for residential customers of Baltimore Gas and Electric Co Somehow o’malley claims this is a good thing.. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Maryland #4 in Worst Tax State…ates/maryland/
Report finds weak school standards in Md. And Va.
Maryland and Virginia math and reading standards are among the worst in the nation,
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 Md. Falling behind in education reforms,0,758859.story?track=rss   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Maryland — Ranking second in murders and in robbery mostly due to high-crime city BaltimoreMaryland made the Top 10 most dangerous cities by placing 23rd or higher in all categories except one. Maryland ranks 45th in rapes. 2009. YET IN 2010 DROPPED 2% THANK GOD! Maybe we’re  in 3rd place now!!.. 8, 2010 Maryland’s Violent Crime Rate _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
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Top 10 Most Dangerous States for 2007 04/27/2007 Maryland # 4 of course..____________________________________________________________________________________________________Top 10 States with Highest Marginal Income Tax Rates .. Maryland of course on another list. Only 8th of course.By  Human Events 08/04/2009
Wow..#1 Again 
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Top 10 Worst States For Personal Freedom By  Human Events
07/01/2009           & Maryland In Top 10 porn states
May 10, 2010.. Marylands “out of site” corporate tax have something to do with this? YOU BET IT DOES!
 Hyundai, Kia pulling out of Port of Baltimore; 116 jobs to be cut – Baltimore Business Journal: 11, 2010 Office Depot to shutter Odenton warehouse, cut 132 jobs

 Office Depot to shutter Odenton warehouse, cut 132 jobs – Baltimore Business Journal: Mason to cut 250 jobs in Baltimore

 Legg Mason to cut 250 jobs in Baltimore; posts 4Q profit – Baltimore Business Journal: _______________________________________________________________________________________________Maryland has a 6% state sales and use tax (7% restaurant sales tax in Worcester County) as of January 3 2008 (it was 5% before this)with exceptions for medicine residential energy and most non-prepared foods. Currently many services ( repair labor haircuts accounting) are not taxed. With this tax increaseMaryland added sales tax on Internet purchases and other mail items such as magazine subscriptions.[citation needed] Clothing is also taxable.Certain computer services were to be subject to sales tax and use tax effective July 1 2008 after being approved without public hearing during the 2007 Special Legislative Session.[66] However after effective lobbying by computer services professionals the tax was repealed April 6 during the final days of the General Assembly. Following declining approval ratings and intense public pressure Governor Martin O’Malley relented and authorized the repeal.____________________________________________________________________________________Why Northrop chose Virginia

After months of intense courtship, it wasn’t Maryland or the District of Columbia, but their rival across the river that finally got the nod of approval from defense contractor Northrop Grumman, ranked 61st on the Fortune 500. The storied company — maker of the B-2 stealth bomber, F-14 Tomcat Navy fighter and many other storied military aircraft — recently announced its decision to move its corporate headquarters from Los Angeles to Northern Virginia. This is a big win for the commonwealth, as Northrop employs more than 122,000 people worldwide, generated more than $32 billion in revenue last year, ranks as the fourth-largest defense contractor, and is the nation’s largest shipbuilder. The two spurned suitors have nobody but themselves to blame for their loss to Virginia.Northrop Chief Executive Officer Wes Bush cited “facility considerations, proximity to our customers and overall economics” to explain why Virginia was successful in wooing the company despite the fact District officials offered a $25 million tax break and Maryland a $22 million sweetener. Virginia’s puny-by-comparison economic incentive package was valued at a mere $14 million. The crucial difference is that Virginia is a better place to do business. Forbes magazine rates the state as the most business-friendly in the nation. With a 6 percent corporate tax rate, it costs less to run a business in Virginia than either the District (9 percent) or Maryland (8.25 percent).Virginia’s superior business rating is no fluke. It results from official policies that over the years have sent strong welcome signals to companies like Northrop and that contrast mightily with years of anti-business policies across the Potomac. For example, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell backed up his 2009 campaign promise to protect taxpayers by trimming $2 billion from his state budget without a corresponding tax increase. In contrast, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s “millionaire’s tax” convinced thousands of wealthy taxpayers to flee. And while state officials tout their comparatively low unemployment rate, the reality is that most of Maryland’s new jobs are revenue-consuming government positions, not revenue-producing jobs in the private sector.Maryland and D.C. Are too much like California, where absurdly high levels of government spending, taxation and regulation have decimated what was once the world’s fifth-largest economy. When a company like Northrop decides to pack up and leave California, it’s not going to move to a jurisdiction with similar systemic problems.It’s not like the losers here weren’t warned: A Jan. 2, 2008, Examiner editorial said “Maryland’s future economic outlook is much bleaker than Virginia’s” for all the reasons repeated above. Northrop’s decision is the latest demonstration that government policies, especially taxes, do indeed have consequences.
Read more at the Washington Examiner:
Maryland foreclosures up 51% in April, O’malley has no problem keeping illegal  aliens working on all our state jobs and our farms does he while our citizens out of work!!
Solo Cup to shutter plants across U.S.
Solo Cup Co. Has unveiled plans to close an undisclosed number of plants across the country, potentially including its Owings Mills and Hampstead facilities, in a push to streamline its operations.
Read more: Solo Cup to shutter plants across U.S. – Baltimore Business Journal:
 “Maryland’s highways will soon gain tens of thousands of unlicensed motorists, thanks to an abrupt reversal by Gov. Martin O’Malley.”  Welcome to the Sanctuary state of illegals.
 Maryland and Michigan Committing Economic Suicide
Auditors: State didn’t guarantee best price on huge gasoline, drug contracts..Thank you OweMalley!!
O’Malley Veto’s.


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