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Half of the Maryland State Flag belongs to me – Black and Gold

The Maryland State Flag

Officially adopted by law on March 9, 1904, the Maryland State Flag is the only state flag based on heraldic emblems. The design of the flag is taken from the shield in the coat of arms of the Calvert family, the colonial proprietors of the state of Maryland. The coat of arms adopted by George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, included a shield that combined the yellow and black colors of his paternal family and the red and white colors of his maternal family, the Crosslands. (NOTE: There is contention that the red and white colors identified as those of the Crosslands is a misrepresentation. It is said that the colors are those of the Mynne family, the family name of Anne Calvert, wife of George Calvert.)

The arms of the Calvert and Crossland (Mynne) families are displayed in diagonally opposing quadrants of the flag.

From the colonial period, before the revolution, the only mention of a Maryland flag describes it as a display of the yellow and black Calvert family colors. After the revolution, the use of the Calvert flag was discontinued and various flags and banners were flown to represent the state. Though no official state flag was designated, the most popular representation seems to have been that of the state seal on a blue background. Evidence shows that these flags were flown in the state until the late 1890’s.

In 1854, a law was passed to create a new state seal based on the Calvert family colors and design. Yellow and black banners and flags started re-appearing across the state. These “Baltimore colors” or “Maryland colors”, as they were called, were not officially adopted by the state but became very popular and a unique symbol of the state of Maryland.

After the election of Abraham Lincoln it 1861, Maryland, like many other states found itself torn between its allegiance to the Union and its sympathies with the southern states. Maryland, however, did remain in the Union.

It is thought that during this volatile time in the history of Maryland, the red and white Crossland colors began to gain popularity among the southern sympathizers in the state. As a symbol of resistance to the Union and President Lincoln, the red an white Crossland colors became the Maryland “secession colors” and were reproduced in banners and even children’s clothing. During the Civil War itself, the Crossland colors in the cross bottony configuration were used by Confederate soldiers to identify their birthplace.

The Civil War finally came to an end and the yellow and black Calvert colors and the red and white Crossland colors had become clearly representative of the state of Maryland. As soldiers returned to their home, a slow process of healing and reconciliation began for the people of war-torn Maryland.

A new symbol began to emerge displayed at public events across the state. A flag displaying the colors, that had once symbolized the divisions between the citizens of Maryland, came to represent the reconciliation and reunion of all of the citizens in the state. The designer and the date of origin of the current state flag incorporating four quadrants alternating between the yellow and black of the Calvert arms and the red and white of the Crossland arms is unknown. The design derived from the Calvert coat of arms was flown October 11, 1880, in Baltimore, at a parade celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the city. It was also flown October 25, 1888 at the Gettysburg battlefield, in a ceremony dedicating monuments to members of the Maryland regiments of the Army of the Potomac.

In October 1889, the Fifth Regiment, Maryland National Guard, adopted a flag in this form as its regimental colors and became the first organization to adopt officially what is today the Maryland flag.

Maryland state flag

Maryland Flag Law

The following information was excerpted from the Maryland Statutes, Title 13.

Subtitle 2. Flags.

§ 13-201. Adoption of State flag.

The Maryland flag is the State flag.

[An. Code 1957, art. 41, § 72; 1984, ch. 284, § 1.]

§ 13-202. Description of State flag.

(a) In general.- The State flag is quartered.

(b) First and fourth quarters.- The 1st and 4th quarters are paly of 6 pieces, or and sable, a bend dexter counterchanged. Thus, the 1st and 4th quarters consist of 6 vertical bars alternately gold and black with a diagonal band on which the colors are reversed.

(c) Second and third quarters.- The 2nd and 3rd, quarterly, are argent and gules, a cross bottony countersigned. Thus, the 2nd and 3rd quarters are a quartered field of red and white, charged with a Greek cross, its arms terminating in trefoils, with the coloring transported, red being on the white ground and white on the red, and all being as represented upon the escutcheon of the State seal.

[An. Code 1957, art. 41, § 72; 1984, ch. 284, § 1; 1991, ch. 55, § 1.]

§ 13-203. Ornament.

Only a gold cross bottony may be used as an ornament on the top of a flagstaff that carries the State flag.

[An. Code 1957, art. 41, § 74; 1984, ch. 284, § 1.]

§ 13-204. Display on State House.

(a) In general.- The flag of the United States and the State flag shall be flown from the State House as provided in this section.

(b) Session.- When the General Assembly is in session, the flags shall be flown continuously.

(c) Interim.- When the General Assembly is not in session, the flags shall be flown:

(1) continuously on each day that the Governor designates as a public occasion; and

(2) on any other day when the weather permits, between sunrise and sunset.

(d) Arrangement.- The State flag shall be flown with the black stripe on the diagonal bands of the 1st quartering at the top of the flagstaff, as shown in the illustration of the State flag in “Chronicles of Colonial Maryland”.

Source: Maryland General Assembly, Maryland Statutes, (, August 13, 2007.
Source: Flags of the Fifty States and Their Incredible Histories: The Complete Guide to America’s Most Powerful Symbols by Randy Howe. The Lyons Press; First edition edition (November 1, 2002).
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Is there Dissention in the ranks? Delegate Impallaria attacks Delegate Mike Smigiel

I hope this blows over, however, whenever I see any mention of a Republican possibly being tied into Democratic Party Members, I get a bit concerned.  Just like the association of Republican State Senator Donald Munson and his ties to Senate President Democrat Mike Miller and Democratic Delegate John Donoghue.  These are not good things for the party, especially with the momentum we have built.

That battle however between Del Smigiel and Impallaria must come to a halt.  Let’s settle it and move on.

Talk about uncomfortable

By Bryan P. Sears
Posted: December 30, 2009

Things could be a little uncomfortable in the House Republican caucus when the General Assembly session begins on Jan. 13 after Del. Michael Smigiel said recently that Del. Rick Impallariasuggested that he ignore a subpoena at a court hearing earlier this month.

Smigiel, an attorney and Cecil County Republican, was subpoenaed  to testify in a hearing over a contract dispute by Irwin Kramer, an Owings Mills attorney. Kramer had sued Impallaria, claiming the Republican who represents Cockeysville, Kingsville and Middle River and part of Harford County owed nearly $16,000 in back legal fees for his representation of a group known as Democrats for Responsive Government.

Smigiel represented himself during a series of pre-hearing motions, including one in which Impallaria wanted to subpoena billing records in an attempt to show that Smigiel and Kramer had some sort of a fee-splitting arrangement.

Smigiel, under oath, testified that no such arrangement existed and that the subpoena should be quashed.

During that testimony, Smigiel also told District Court Judge Edward Murphy that Impallaria had called him on Dec. 16, the day before the hearing.

Under oath, Smigiel told Murphy that during that phone call Impallaria told him, ” ‘It would be better if you didn’t show up. It’s going to get ugly. I’d hate to be working against you in the next election.’ ”

Smigiel said in court that he told Impallaria that as an attorney and officer of the court he was required to honor the subpoena.

Smigiel testified that Impallaria then said, ” ‘Well, maybe your memory could get bad.’ ”

Smigiel Impallaria

Frederick County Republican Central Committee Announces Candidates to fill Del Weldon seat – WCRCC – For Immediate Press Release

Frederick County Republican Central Committee

For Immediate Release

FCRCC and WCRCC Announce Applicants for House of Delegates Vacancy

Frederick, MD December 30, 2009: The Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC) and the Washington County Republican Central Committee (WCRCC) have formally completed the process of collecting applications for the vacant House of Delegates seat. All applications were to be hand delivered or postmarked no later than Tuesday, December 29 at 5:00PM. Having no confirmation that any applications were being sent via the postal service, the Committees are prepared to submit a complete list of names of those that have applied.

“It was extremely important for the committees to be able to maintain the integrity of the process,” says Chairman Kelly Schulz. “The committees, after careful review of all applications, are now prepared to come forward with the names of all applicants. The most important role of our committee is to adhere to our procedures and ensure that only accurate information is forwarded to the community. I believe that we have been successful on both accounts.”

The final applicants to fill the vacancy for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 3B are: (in alphabetical order)

Ronald S. Bird, William G. Folden, Mike Hough, Charles A. Jenkins, John R. Lovell, Jr., Roger W. McArthur, Katie Nash, and J.R. Younkins.

The previous press release clearly announced the requirements of each of the applicants. Those that did not complete the required documentation were not included in the above list of names.

The appointed Nominating Committee is tasked with the complete review of all applications to determine eligibility requirements. They will be meeting on Sunday, January 3rd to determine which of the three applicants will progress to the interview stage of the process. All interviews will be conducted on Wednesday, January 6th beginning at 7:00pm. Out of respect for the applicants, no statements will be delivered to the press on either date until all applicants have been personally contacted by an assigned member of the FCRCC.

For further inquiries, please contact Kelly Schulz at or 240-285-5540.

Governor Martin O’Malley of MD is still obsessed with Ex Governor Robert L. Ehrlich

This is just to funny, so I had to share this.  Martin O’Malley must really be afraid of Bob Ehrlich if he is sending out newsletters about his fear of him being in office again.  Not only has Bob Ehrlich not announced his intentions, but the paranoia of the current Governor shows through him like a silhouette.  He is running scared already, says, we can’t give him a 3 month head start.

Martin O’Malley has become a shadow of himself, a laughing-stock and a failure to Marylander’s the likes this state has never seen.  He has laid off state workers, furloughed them, all while continuing to spend and beg for more money from the Messiah himself, a second time.

If there is any proof to the contrary of his failures, please explain them to me, as I have a long laundry list of a puzzle he could never put together.

BGE Rate Increase, 20 percent sales tax increase, millionaires tax increase, corporate tax rate increase, 1 dollar a pack cigarette tax increase, failure to downsize his own state cabinet during a recession (he has the largest in the United States, second only to Obama), he siphoned through the rainy day fund, which may I add approached 1 billion in surplus when he took office and manipulated money around like it was monopoly, or should I say, confederate money. Much much more can be stated, but I wanted to provide a brief synopsis.

When he came into office his first year, not only could he not produce a sound fiscal budget, but he grew the budget 30 percent and sucked the rainy day fund dry to offset the structural deficit, all while increasing his spending on his pet projects.

He called a special session to offset revenue drop offs, which led to even more money going out-of-state, business’s moved out-of-state, unemployment rates rose, the slots referendum debacle, which may I add, is still not a functioning entity.  In fact, its more of a mess now then ever.  West Virginia passed a voters referendum in Jefferson County for table gaming, Pennsylvania is in the process of doing the same, meanwhile, slots is still stalled in Maryland.

Let’s see, Marty fired the previous Public Service Commission and put his own people in, then gave them all 50k raises, which led to the total debacle of BGE and it’s parent company Constellation Energy.  O Malley got his dirty little paws involved, all while stating, that he would not get involved with the negotiations between EDF and Constellation.  This meddling almost led Maryland to lose out on a 3rd Reactor at Calvert Cliffs which would have costed BGE customers another huge increase in their bills down the road.  With the Reactor, Calvert County will now have some job creation and revenue, and eventually this will lessen the burden on the electric grids.  All in all, after Marty broke his promises to the BGE customer’s that he will stop the BGE Rate hike, he failed, they still incurred an almost 80 percent increase in their rates, do to deregulation.  Deregulation helped keep rates down, but it was also supposed to help draw in other competition and give customer’s a choice of who they would like as their provider.  This all happened during the Parris Glendenning era and was penned off by the Democratically controlled State House.  Anyone in their right minds knows that you can not hold down the rates of energy and not expect them to rise after the end of deregulation.

Under O’Malleys administration and his cronies in the Assembly, Maryland has gone from the 22nd friendliest state to do business with to the 45th worse state to do business with.  Under Marty, Maryland tops the list with the most amount of taxes in the Country, and 4th in the Country.  Under Marty, business’s have flocked to Delaware and Virginia. People are making their purchases out-of-state and spending like crazy in Delaware and Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Marty loves his illegal aliens in Maryland, helping them to keep their drivers license’s for 6 more years before having to prove Lawful Presence.  The only state in the Country east of the Rockies to have such a law.

Maryland, under O’Malley, now faces a 5 billion dollar deficit over the next 2 years.  Where oh where is that money going to come from?  Is going to his knees and begging The Great One in DC for more help?  Or will he man up and cut his own spending and government?

Maryland in this year alone has had almost 700 million cut from the budget, hitting a 23 percent threshold that would put him on the brink of breaking the Constitutional Laws in Maryland, that state, you can not cut the budget below 25 percent and maintain.  Did the cutting come from his own programs? No, the cutting came on the heals of hard-working Middle Class workers in which he laid off, or furloughed, but refuses to allow a raise in, In State Tuition costs.  First off, 70 percent of those who graduate from High School in Maryland, A, go to Community College or out of State for College on Scholarships.   Below is Marty’s newsletter, and let us all not try to laugh to hard.

Martin O'Malley/Anthony Brown
Help us take on the GOP

jeff —

Robert Ehrlich claims he still doesn’t know whether he’ll run for governor next year.

But there’s one thing he does know for sure: he’s got plenty of friends ready to bankroll his campaign. He recently made it clear to the Baltimore Sun that he expects to raise $10 to $12 million if he runs next year, despite the poor economy.

Ehrlich’s been wrong about a lot of things over the years, but he might be right about this. The GOP has some pretty significant built-in advantages in next year’s race.

The biggest is a Maryland law that prevents you from donating to my campaign during the Legislative Session. For three months, Ehrlich and the Republicans will be raising money from conservatives and right-wing groups from across the country while the lieutenant governor and I are fighting to create jobs and protect Maryland’s schools.

That’s why we need your help now. We need to raise $500,000 by January 10 to ensure that we’ll be able to keep up with the Republican fundraising machine when the Legislative Session ends.

Will you help us by pitching in to support our campaign today?

Since their big wins in New Jersey and Virginia, the right wing is itching for Republicans to regain power — and they’re willing to do whatever they can to make it happen.

Ehrlich says interest in his candidacy has “quadrupled” since he’s been on the Republican cocktail party circuit in recent months. And no wonder — conservative special interests benefited handsomely when Ehrlich was in office. Life will be a lot sweeter for them if he or another Republican moves back into the statehouse.

With your help, Lt. Governor Brown and I will have the resources on hand next spring to come out swinging against the Republicans — and continue the progress we’ve made for Maryland’s families over the last three years.

We won’t be able to take on the Republicans next year without your help.

Help us reach our half-million-dollar goal by January 10. Please donate now:

Thank you for all your support — and Happy New Year!

Gov. Martin O’Malley

P.S. We can’t afford to give Robert Ehrlich and the Republicans a three-month head start. Please make a contribution today:

Authority: Friends of Martin O’Malley. Martin F. Cadogan, Treasurer.

Former Democratic Delegate George Owings III to announce run at O Malley

Cecil sends another scathing email to the Emerald Brigade:

Hi Rick (Abbruzzese, O’Malley spokes person), hope you and your family had a great Christmas, now its back to the grind and relieving your boss of the stresses of being a Governor.  Your rhetorical remarks in the article regarding George Owings and the money that MOM is supposedly going to put out there is nothing more then a ploy and well know this.

You know, sometimes I wished O Malley read my emails, he would understand the pulse of Marylander’s, as I am a strong force out there and he hasn’t a clue as to what is going on.

I find it amusing that state employees and teachers are driving around with Furlough OWE Malley 2010 Bumper stickers.  Don’t expect their support or phone campaigning for you next time around.

By the time your boss is through with dealing with the Primaries and things that will come out, he may not have anything left in the tank.  He truly has failed all of Maryland.  Let us not forget his U Stream Live, where Singles adds were being displayed along the bottom of the feed.  Now that was funny. Again, may I ask a question, what is this Governor going to do about Illegal Immigration in Maryland and allow our assembly to ratify Jessica’s Law to put pedophiles away forever and to tell Poppa Joe Vallario to take a walk.
Former delegate George W. Owings III is expected to formally enter the race for governor at a Jan. 6 news conference outside the courthouse in Prince Frederick.

Owings, a Democrat who represented Calvert County in Annapolis for 16 years and served as majority whip for 10 years before accepting an appointment in 2004 as veterans affairs secretary under former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., declined to elaborate on the announcement, saying only that it regards his political future.

However, Owings, 64, of Chesapeake Beach, a Vietnam veteran and motorcycle aficionado, has openly criticized Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) for his handling of the state budget deficit and has been mulling entering the 2010 contest for months. During that time, he has spoken to groups across the state and taken stock of voters’ attitudes.

“I’m hearing desperation. I’m hearing fear. I’m hearing grave concern over what’s going on,” he said.

Although the latest state revenue projections have improved from past estimates, giving state officials reason for hope, Owings said that “the bleeding continues unabated.”

Specifically, Owings blamed O’Malley for not doing enough to support the business community and to promote job creation. He said the governor’s recent proposals for a $3,000 tax credit to businesses that hire unemployed workers and a small business loan program fail to compensate for a more than 300 percent increase in the cost of unemployment insurance that businesses must pay to help replenish a depleted trust fund.

However, O’Malley spokesman Rick Abbruzzese said the governor last week announced an $83 million package that will provide immediate rate relief for Maryland employers and a proposal to modify the state’s unemployment insurance laws that would provide access to an additional $126.8 million in federal aid to reinforce the trust fund.

“I think the people of Maryland understand that Governor O’Malley is focused on getting Maryland through this national recession, creating jobs and helping families that have been hardest hit,” Abbruzzese said.

9 Candidates vie for Retired Del Weldons Seat of Frederick and Washington County

You Lie Again! Napolitano Must Go!

You Lie Again! Napolitano Must Go!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC
(866) 703-0864

Americans who value their security, freedoms, and future prosperity are being encouraged to call the White House immediately to demand the resignation or termination of Janet Napolitano for overt and gross dereliction of duty after revelations her department issued an unlimited US visa to Detroit terrorism suspect “crotch bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), a pro-border and immigration enforcement national organization, is asking citizens to call the white house at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 or e-mail the White House via this link to demand that President Obama terminate Janet Napolitano immediately.

“President Obama has a few days to fire Napolitano before the American public will place full blame for the grotesque failure by the Department of Homeland Security in his lap!” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “If Obama fails to fire or demand the resignation of Napolitano, then he will indicate he is willing to support these kinds betrayals of government trust.”

Janet Napolitano is facing increasing criticism as more is learned about the attempted terrorist attack. Her comments claiming ”one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked,” have set off a firestorm of public anger. In 2009 Napolitano has focused her department on supporting amnesty legislation for illegal aliens and casting terrorism suspicion on Americans opposed to the Obama administration instead of focusing on protecting the nation from terrorism attacks.

President Obama came to her defense on Monday claiming that the U.S. government is doing all it can to protect U.S. citizens.

“You lie again!” exclaimed Gheen in response to Obama’s claims. “If Obama and Napolitano were doing all they could to protect our citizens, then our borders would not be virtually undefended, our immigration laws would not go unenforced, and the Department of Homeland Security would not be handing out God-knows how many visas to people that are on our terrorism watch lists. Instead of taking away blankets, pillows, and laptops from innocent passengers, Obama should order the immediate confiscation of all visas issued to people on the terrorism watch lists handed out by Napolitano and DHS!”

Yesterday, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC called on national supporters to contact members of Congress to demand full and immediate Congressional investigations into these matters and to take appropriate corrective and disciplinary actions. ALIPAC is asking Congress and the American public not to reward those that fail the public with more power and money, as was the case after 9/11.

ALIPAC is now launching a national campaign to demand that President Obama place Janet Napolitano on leave or accept her immediate resignation.

Current U.S. laws require all immigration applicants to be screened against terrorism watch lists. The Department of Homeland Security’s issuance of a visa to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, after he appeared on the watch lists, is a violation of US law.

“The American public will have no sense of security or confidence as long as Obama keeps Janet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security,” said Gheen. “Today, with thousands of calls and emails, we will make that very clear to the President.”

ALIPAC is calling on citizens and members of Congress to take action and is calling on all members of the U.S. media to unify with the demand for Napolitano’s immediate removal.

“We need talk show hosts and newspaper editorial writers working together to pressure the Obama administration to do the right thing here. If Napolitano remains in power then the evidence mounts that the U.S. is now in an autocratic system with zero government accountability or responsiveness to the public.” said Gheen.

For more information or interview requ ests, please visit