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Email Sent To Me – A Must Watch On Illegal Aliens and Whiting and Turner – Maryland

Thank you Casa de Maryland and our corrupt elected officials that cater to you and illegal aliens with our jobs and $$ for votes..We will expose your names.
For those that call the Immigration problems a federal issue is just a copout. Federal laws on the books have to be enforced at local Letters. ENFORCE OUR LAWS OR LEAVE YOUR POSITION!! SENATOR MUNSON &   OTHERS  WERE FIRED FOR CATERING TO CASA AND ILLEGAL ALIENS EVEN WITH HIGH VOTER FRAUD IN MD. WHO’S NEXT? 
On April 03, 2002, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel (OCL) issued a memorandum concerning the issue of Federal Preemption of concurrent State enforcement of criminal and civil viloations under the Immigration Laws of the United States.