About Candidate Eric Wargotz NOT Conservative – Liberal Republican – Important Bullet Points

About Candidate Eric Wargotz NOT Conservative – Liberal Republican – Important Bullet Points

Ø As a Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Wargotz increased the recordation fees by 50% in 2008. A recordation fee is paid when a house is sold/purchased.

Ø In a Jewish Times interview, Wargotz stated that he most respected Senators Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe.

Ø In the same Jewish Times interview, Wargotz stated health care should cover illegal immigrants. This was not refuted until seven months later when these statements were more publicly publicized.

Ø Wargotz does not have a definitive position on abortion (at least one that is publicized). We do not know where he stands on this issue.

Ø As a Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Wargotz signed a resolution stating the County agrees with the premise of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and would implement changes recommended by international organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, Wargotz has joined forces with Al Gore and the United Nations International Panel for Climate Control. See resolution 08-22.

Ø As a Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Wargotz signed on to an organization called the ICLEI. The ICLEI is the U.S. based organization responsible for implementing United Nations Agenda 21 sustainable development program. This program is an assault on American sovereignty and on private property rights. Note, this is a very complicated and in-depth subject. If you raise this you may be asked more details. See resolution 08-18.

Ø The Wargotz campaign unauthorized use of a poll conducted by the Tarrance Group was unethical. Furthermore, the poll results were misleading. In response, the Tarrance Group refuted the Wargotz press released and pointed out both these facts in their statement about the Wargotz campaign. What is even more interesting is the sample size of the poll referenced was 41 people and that Wargotz had a 34% to 31% lead over Mikulski. Well, 34% of 41 people is 14 people and 31% of 41 people is 13 people. So, out of a county with over 400,000 registered voters a poll of 41 people puts Wargotz in the lead 14 to 13. Wow.

Ø Wargotz claims property tax rates were cut twice since he took office. From my research I found the property tax rate was cut from .88 to .80 in 2006 (prior to Wargotz becoming a commissioner). The next cut was from .80 to .77 which appears to have occurred in 2007 after Wargotz was a commissioner. With that said there is a separate rate referred to as the Utility Operating property tax rate that was reduced slightly. If you use the commonly accepted definition for property taxes, then the rate was cut once since Wargotz was a commissioner. Perhaps those are the 2 cuts Wargotz is referring too. Remember, Wargotz then turned around and increased the recordation fee by 50% in 2008.

Ø Note, the 2006 budget agreed to by the Commissioners had $87 million in spending (before Wargotz). The 2010 budget agreed to by the Commissioners had $110 million in spending. That represents a 26% increase in spending since Wargotz became a County Commissioner. Annualized that represents a 6.5% increase in spending year over year for the 4 years Wargotz has been a County Commissioner.

Disclosure:  Sent in to me by a reader


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  1. Posted by Kimberly on July 19, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    Thank you for the summary of all things Wargotz. And I am sure there is more hidden in the sheep’s clothing. We must not suffer from the disorder of apathy in 2010. Voter apathy is our collective responsibility for why we are in this mess and fighting for our freedom and liberty. I spent 9 months researching candidates in this election…and have lots more work to do. Jim Rutledge remains to be the real thing and NO he does not have a voting record. Looking at the VOTING RECORD of Wargotz, I would have to say he wishes HE DID NOT HAVE ONE EITHER!!! I work for Jim’s Campaign- this service far exceeds my service to the USAR for 10 years! I encourage all folks of Maryland to realize that their vote does count and we do not get a do-over after this election. So much rides on 2010.


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. The more I see of his voting record as QA County Commish, the more liberal he appears to b.


  3. As a Maryland, Wargotz seems like the same old stuff.


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