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From Delegate Warren Miller – Put The Question of In State Tuition for Illegals to the Voters!

Put the question of In-State Tuition for Illegals to the Voters! – Delegate Warren Miller

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June 24, 2011
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Dear Constituent,

Many of you have contacted me in the past concerning out of control spending, or because of special privileges for Illegal Immigrants.

Last week the Maryland State Board of Elections validated 47,288 signatures! The signers of the petition believe in democracy, you too can help all Marylanders have a say on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Under current law foreign nationals can attend a Maryland university, they need to get a student visa and pay the full cost. Under legislation recently passed by the general assembly and signed into law by Maryland’s Governor illegals will now get the tuition discount that you pay for with you hard earned tax dollars. Your children and grand children will be crowded out of seats available for the in-state discount!

Take action today – if you have not already signed the petition, there is one week left – we need approximately 8,000 more signatures to get this issue on the ballot for 2012 – I hope I can count on you signing if you have not already take action?

Please visit today!

Please do not hesitate to contact my legislative office if I can be of assistance, either via e-mail at or phone (410) 841-3582 . I always appreciate knowing the views of my constituents on any pending legislation.

As always I appreciate the opportunity to represent you and your families in Annapolis!

Warren Miller
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