Email Sent To Me – A Must Watch On Illegal Aliens and Whiting and Turner – Maryland

Thank you Casa de Maryland and our corrupt elected officials that cater to you and illegal aliens with our jobs and $$ for votes..We will expose your names.
For those that call the Immigration problems a federal issue is just a copout. Federal laws on the books have to be enforced at local Letters. ENFORCE OUR LAWS OR LEAVE YOUR POSITION!! SENATOR MUNSON &   OTHERS  WERE FIRED FOR CATERING TO CASA AND ILLEGAL ALIENS EVEN WITH HIGH VOTER FRAUD IN MD. WHO’S NEXT? 
On April 03, 2002, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel (OCL) issued a memorandum concerning the issue of Federal Preemption of concurrent State enforcement of criminal and civil viloations under the Immigration Laws of the United States.




From Delegate Warren Miller – Put The Question of In State Tuition for Illegals to the Voters!

Put the question of In-State Tuition for Illegals to the Voters! – Delegate Warren Miller

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News from the Maryland House of Delegates
Delegate Warren Miller’s opinions on Legislation
June 24, 2011
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Dear Constituent,

Many of you have contacted me in the past concerning out of control spending, or because of special privileges for Illegal Immigrants.

Last week the Maryland State Board of Elections validated 47,288 signatures! The signers of the petition believe in democracy, you too can help all Marylanders have a say on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Under current law foreign nationals can attend a Maryland university, they need to get a student visa and pay the full cost. Under legislation recently passed by the general assembly and signed into law by Maryland’s Governor illegals will now get the tuition discount that you pay for with you hard earned tax dollars. Your children and grand children will be crowded out of seats available for the in-state discount!

Take action today – if you have not already signed the petition, there is one week left – we need approximately 8,000 more signatures to get this issue on the ballot for 2012 – I hope I can count on you signing if you have not already take action?

Please visit today!

Please do not hesitate to contact my legislative office if I can be of assistance, either via e-mail at or phone (410) 841-3582 . I always appreciate knowing the views of my constituents on any pending legislation.

As always I appreciate the opportunity to represent you and your families in Annapolis!

Warren Miller
Friends of Warren Miller

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Early Voting Locations for District 7

Subject: Early Voting Locations for District 7

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Early Voting Locations for Legislative District 7
Election Year 2010
Dear Jeffrey,

Early voting started today at 10 am.

All polling places will be open from 10 am to 8 pm today, Saturday 9/4, Monday 9/6, Tuesday 9/7, Wednesday 9/8, and Thursday 9/9.

You will be given a ballot for the district you reside in.

Early voting is counted the same as voting on election day. It is not like absentee ballots, which are counted last.

Locations for Baltimore County

Honeygo Community Center, 9033 Honeygo Blvd., Perry Hall
Towson State University Administration Building, 7720 York Rd., Towson

Location for Harford County

Bel Air Library, 100 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Bel Air

If you would like complete information, follow this link to the Maryland State Board of Elections website, Early Voting:

Sincerely yours,


Rick Impallaria
Delegate, District 7

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Major Announcement: Mike Huckabee has endorsed Ready for Delegate (plus our new tv ad is up!)

Subject: Major Announcement: Mike Huckabee has endorsed Ready for Delegate (plus our new tv ad is up!)

Hey Everyone,

Quick message for you because the campaign trail is going crazy. I promised you two big announcements… Yesterday, I was honored to receive the endorsement of Mike Huckabee in my race for the House of Delegates. This is big news and we are working right now to spread the word. You can read our press release below and you can see the release from HuckPAC (Gov. Huckabee’s organization) by clicking here.

Also, we have made a cable television ad purchase with our new ad "Energetic Conservative". I want to thank my brother Joel for doing a great job filming and directing the ad. You can go to the front page of to watch the commercial.

While you are there, if you can spare a contribution (many of you have given recently, thank you!), please give what you can. We want to air the ad even more than we already are and we want to get the word out about Mike Huckabee’s endorsement of our campaign.

Finally, we still need door-knockers and poll workers for Election Day so if you can spare some time, please contact me directly. Sorry for the shortness but I’ve got to get back out on the trail. Thank you for all you are doing to spread the word and don’t forget to vote on September 14th! You can also vote right now, early, until September 9th, at the Carroll County Senior Center on Stoner Avenue in Westminster.

God bless!


For Immediate Release:

September 3, 2010

Contact: Justin Ready (410-259-6561)

Mike Huckabee Endorses Justin Ready for State Delegate

Yesterday, Mike Huckabee, former Presidential candidate and Arkansas Governor, announced his endorsement of Justin Ready for the Maryland House of Delegates.

“HuckPac and I are proud to endorse Justin Ready for Maryland State Delegate from District 5A. Justin has the right kind of experience needed to represent the people and he is ready to serve,” said Huckabee.

“A small business owner, Justin understands firsthand how excessive spending and high taxes wreak havoc on a business and he will fight to reduce taxes and eliminate wasteful spending. Electing Justin Ready will help bring real positive change to Maryland,” Huckabee continued.

“Justin is pro-life, pro-family and strongly supports 2nd Amendment rights. Justin has also been endorsed by Maryland Right to Life, so we will never have to question where he stands on the sanctity of life,” concluded Huckabee. “Please join me in supporting Justin Ready for Maryland State Delegate. We can count on Justin to fight for us in Annapolis.”

“I am honored to receive Governor Huckabee’s endorsement. I’m committed to standing for conservative principles and will work to change the culture in Annapolis,” Justin Ready said. “The support my campaign has received is truly humbling. Together, I know we can turn Maryland around.”

Governor Huckabee joins a long list of conservative leaders who have endorsed Justin Ready, including current District 5A Delegate Tanya Shewell, who is retiring, Sen. David Brinkley, Sen. E.J. Pipkin, House Minority Whip Chris Shank, Former Secretary Larry Hogan, Sen. Janet Greenip, Fmr. Del. Carmen Amedori, Del. Bill Frank, Del. J.B. Jennings, and Del. Tony McConkey. Ready has also been endorsed by Maryland Right to Life, the Maryland Republican Assembly, Marylanders for Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and Citizens United.

When you Read Opinon Pieces from the Herald Mail, you would think you are reading Pravda – Their Love affair with a Socialist Senator Munson is amazing

The Herald Mail must be on the take by Senator Don Munson, allegedly, or maybe they are just so far up Munson’s ass they may feel like having the Roto Rotor Man come and rescue them. This is no surprise that The Liberal Fish Wrap Herald would support such a Liberal Senator, after all, that is who they are all about, misinformation like the left and distortions like the left. It makes for Perfect Bird Cage Liner. Munson just lost his best friend, the Federally Indicted Ulysses Curry from Budget and taxation, God knows Munson can never ever do any thing on his own. He has no fresh ideas, just more spending and more of the kick the can to the curb and the voters along with it. Munson has become an evil Socialist who needs to be replaced along with his Lush Friend, John Donoghue.

Munson is clear choice in race for state Senate seat

September 2, 2010

The Herald-Mail typically does not offer endorsements in the primaries, leaving it to the parties to sort out their respective candidates for the general election.

We break with this informal policy in this year’s District 2 state senate Republican primary race between sitting Sen. Donald Munson and the challenger for the seat, Del. Christopher Shank, for two reasons.

The editor of the Herald, Linda seriously needs to work on her bedside manner when it comes to bringing facts to the public instead of lathering up Munson’s leg for some give back.

Jeff Werner

Post this everywhere and If I missed anyone let me know..The Pro Illegal Alien Group in Maryland

Post this everywhere and If I missed anyone let me know..

A couple hundred people in MD did a poll and we’ve come up with these elected
Officials who truly voted against the citizens of MD in a big way. Since I am
Still democrat, many on this list I had previously voted for. Now because of

Internet and researching their voting patterns and what they sponsored or not
The many issues in Annapolis, its easy to see the lies and corruption of our
Politicians..Here is a partial list with more names to follow. Some of these are

Not on the ballot but worth mentioning and some are the new kids on the block
Who want a chance to continue the path of destruction in Maryland.

Mayor Blake because we want immigration laws followed, She considers us racists
Peter Hammen
Lisa gladden
Ike Leggett
Mike Miller
Mike Busch
Babs Mikulski

Kumar Barve
D. Edwards
Elijah Cummings
Steny Hoyer
Ben Barnes
Van Hollen

Donna Edwards

Johnny O.

New kids on the block on our "Do not Vote" list