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Why is Governor OWE Malley in Iraq visiting Troops when he should be here during the Assembly

Not that I have any issue at all with our Leaders visiting our Troops from Maryland, but what I do have a problem with, is leaving the state during the Assembly Session when he should be here.  To me, this is not Governing, but a Campaign ploy to garner support from those who won’t vote for him again.

Governor OWE Malley has always been about Photo Ops, his own Ego Stroking and not doing the business of the People.  Whether Ex Governor Ehrlich decides to run or not, is not the issue, most think he will not win anyways.  Me personally, no matter how much I want Ehrlich to run and win again, I just don’t see it happening.  There is too much bickering that took place between these two in the sandbox last time and the recent poll states, that, 48 percent of the voters want someone new, rather, someone other then OWE Malley and Ehrlich.

Here is how I see it shaking down.  George Owings, who has announced his intentions to run in the Democratic Primary has a good shot at taking down OWE Malley in the Primary.  Why?  He is popular, he is for the Death Penalty and Against Abortion, however, he is for fiscal responsibility, something that Maryland Voters want.  So while OWE Malley is out garnering Campaign Photo Ops, Marylanders are looking to someone else to replace a Maryland Governor, a Democratic Governor in a Deep Blue State with a poor approval rating below 47 percent.

It truly shows that trust and faith in the current Leadership has failed Marylanders and they no longer are going to stand for the misdeeds of the OWE Malley administration.  While he talks about Job Creation, he truly has not created Jobs.  Maryland had a net gain of approximately 1 thousand plus jobs and a loss of 36,000 jobs.

Maryland Millionaires have left the state at Record Proportions.  In Montgomery County alone, there was a 27 percent decrease in Maryland Millionaires, they went over to Virginia and took their business’s with them.  Why?  Virginia is friendly to Business’s.  Their corp tax rate is lower, exemptions are better, un employment insurance cost less, and the opportunities are there.

Governor Ehrlich, while he is still immensely popular, well, who knows.  I do know that the spreading of Lies from the Media has to stop so the Electorate can be accurately informed.  Sure Governor Ehrlich raised taxes.  He had no choice, he came in with state in total disarray.  600 million in the red left by Glendenning.  Maryland at the time was one of the least expensive states to keep your car registered.  Property Taxes were low as well.  So, Governor Ehrlich raised taxes and fees.  By doing so, his budgets were always balanced, the schools funded, transportation funded, which has led to the I 95 Express Toll Lanes and the Inter County Connector.  He championed for his whole term to have slots passed to offset any budget deficits in the future.  But, because it was good for Maryland at the time, the Democrats controlling the House and Senate did not want him to get credit for it.  All because of his extremely high approval ratings.  It it weren’t for Bush so to speak, I firmly believe Maryland would still have a great Governor in Office.  One of the best in Maryland History.  Say what you will about his bedside manner, but he did not run on a campaign of lies, did not leave Maryland in a mess, in fact, left it better off then any other Governor in the history of Maryland.

For those who love to bash Ehrlich, maybe you should look at the record versus OWE Malleys, then decide.  Remember, even prior to the current recession, OWE Malley put Maryland into an Operating Deficit during his first year in Office, Ehrlich was already operating in the Red.

For the next Governor coming in, I wish you the best of luck, you will need it.

Road Trip To Annapolis to Testify on Legislation – Illegal Immigration Bills


Bus trip to Annapolis..



Annapolis is over the disastrous budget proposed by Gov. O’Malley.  This $32 BILLION budget originally started with a $2 BILLION deficit.  To patch up that deficit, the Governor relies heavily on more federal bailouts, issuance of debt and nearly $1 BILLION in transfers from our 382 special funds and unconscionable increases taxes on liquor, gasoline and cigarettes..

If Gov. O’Malley’s budget passes “as is,” the liberals will repair the deficit with new, MASSIVE TAX INCREASES next year.  This budget will greatly hinder any chance of an economic recovery in our Maryland. click on this link for particulars.  It is the Help Save Maryland web site.

Here are a list of bills regarding ILLEGALS being presented.

Take your pick and SUPPORT or OPPOSE as requested.

House of Delegates
Bill # Description Hearing Date* Time* Committee* Latest BillInformation^^ Cross Filed OUR Position
HB 92 State tax credit for hiring – illegals not excluded 4-Feb 1 p.m Ways and Means click here SB 106 OPPOSE
HB 343 Public benefits – require proof of lawful presence 9-Feb 2 p.m Appropriatons click here N/A SUPPORT
HB 514 Human trafficking – property forfeiture 9-Feb 1 p.m Judiciary click here SB 463 SUPPORT
HB 721 Use of Federal E-Verify Program by employers 3-Mar 1 p.m Health & Gov Ops click here SB 844 SUPPORT
HB 725 Campaign finance – contributions by foreign nationals 23-Feb 1 p.m Ways and Means click here SB 750 SUPPORT
HB 847 Notary Public – citizenship requirements TBD Health & Gov Ops click here N/A SUPPORT
HB 865 English language – Balt. County TBD Health & Gov Ops click here N/A SUPPORT
HB 866 MD enforcement of Federal immigration law 23-Mar 1 p.m Judiciary click here N/A SUPPORT
HB 1012 Report immigration status of detained suspects 23-Mar 1 p.m Judiciary click here N/A SUPPORT
HB 1020 English language – Harford County 23-Mar 1 p.m Health and Gov Ops click here N/A SUPPORT
HB 1061 Determine immigration status of convicted prisoners 23-Mar 1 p.m Judiciary click here N/A SUPPORT
HB 1071 $500,000 grant to CASA TBD Appropriatons click here SB 949 OPPOSE
State Senate
Bill # Description Hearing Date* Time* Committee* Latest BillInformation^^ Cross Filed HSM Position
SB 106 State tax credit for hiring – illegals not excluded TBD Budget and Taxation click here HB 92 OPPOSE
SB 227 Check state convicts for legal status 9-Feb 1 p.m Judicial Proceedings click here N/A SUPPORT
SB 463 Human trafficking – property forfeiture 17-Feb 1 p.m Judicial Proceedings click here HB 514 SUPPORT
SB 711 Qualification of voters – proof of identity 11-Mar 1 p.m Ed, Health & Env Affairs click here N/A SUPPORT
SB 750 Campaign finance – contributions by foreign nationals 11-Mar 1 p.m Ed, Health & Env Affairs click here HB 725 SUPPORT
SB 822 $350,000 grant to organization helping illegals TBD Budget and Taxation click here N/A OPPOSE
SB 844 Use of Federal E-Verify Program by employers 11-Mar 1 p.m Ed, Health & Env Affairs click here HB 721 SUPPORT
SB 949 $500,000 grant to CASA TBD Rules click here HB 1071 OPPOSE

On Wednesday March 3rd, the Senate Budget & Taxation Committee will hold a public hearing on the transfer of $1 BILLION from the special funds to cover Gov. O’Malley’s deficit.

We need you to testify in OPPOSITION to this bill (SB141 – Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act BRFA) as a way to show disapproval for the fiscal mismanagement by our state leaders.  We must be heard, they must be made to understand that we will no longer tolerate Gov. O’Malley’s terrible stewardship of our Treasury.

This means we need your help to fill the hearing room.  We can speak for you but we can not fill any seats…that is your job.

Tony Passaro and the Bel Air Tea Party Patriots are arranging busses for your use.

Where: Green Turtle Parking Lot

When: 10:30 Departure, Return 5:00 PM

Seat: $25.00

The usual MREs (Subway) and beverages and TALKING POINTS will be provided.


Sylvia Delong 410-382-4774

Or Tony Passaro 443-350-0520

For more information on SB141 – BRFA and to find out why AFP-Maryland opposes O’Malley’s $1 billion money grab, CLICK HERE and check out our AFP blog with all of the details.

If you cannot testify on March 3 rd, please email and call your representative and thechairman of the Budget & Taxation committee Ulysses Currie

Tony Passaro
Bel Air Tea Party  Patriots
Alliance of American Patriots
Proud Member
American Tea Party Movement

The Difference between a Fiscal Conservative and Conservative Liberal is simple to see

Please read this Full Story from the Gazette.

“It sometimes borders on irresponsible to not vote for the budget,” said Sen. Donald F. Munson, who, along with Edwards, makes up one-half of the Republican membership on the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. “There is so much in that budget that applies to people’s everyday lives.”

But House Minority Whip Christopher B. Shank believes it’s more complicated than that.

“Just because you vote against a budget does not mean you vote against all of those things in a budget,” he said.

The two Washington County rivals, whose primary election showdown this fall is intensifying about 100 miles away from their district in Annapolis, traded barbs on Facebook recently over their respective budget voting records.

Munson (R-Dist. 2) of Hagerstown launched the first attack during this month’s winter storms, alleging Shank’s vote against the budget last year was a vote against snow-removal funding.

In a lengthy response on his own Facebook page, Shank (R-Dist. 2B) of Hagerstown said he was disappointed that Munson “would actually stoop to such disingenuous stunts.”

The online spat is likely a preview of a major campaign flashpoint, with Shank calling Munson’s actions fiscally irresponsible and Munson playing up the benefits his district has received due to his cooperation on the budget.

“It doesn’t make any sense for me to put so much work into a document and come out and vote against it,” Munson said. “Fact is, when that budget passes, it’s not a bloated budget. It’s pretty much bare bones where we can make it.”

Members of the budget committees who spend most of the session poring over thousands of line items take particular ownership in the final product.

Senator Don Munson, Next to last Conservative Repub in State Senate

House Minority Whip

Harassment Email from Delegate Donoghue picked up by the Washington Post

Delegate Harasser John Donoghue

Delegate accused of sending harassing e-mail
“State Del. John P. Donoghue has admitted to using another lawmaker’s e-mail account to send a harassing message targeting a Hagerstown man,” writes Erin Cunningham of The Gazette. On Jan. 21, Donoghue replied to all recipients of an e-mail that a Hagerstown man had sent to a number of state officials. However, Donoghue used Del. Peter A. Hammen’s state-issued computer and e-mail account to do so. In the e-mail, Donoghue called the man a ‘wife beater’ who had unpaid credit card debt and a protective order against him, Cunningham reports.

Please visit the Washington Post on their article.–_maryland_128.html

Delegate accused of sending harassing e-mail

State Del. John P. Donoghue has admitted to using another lawmaker’s e-mail account to send a harassing message targeting a Hagerstown man.

The incident, which took place Jan. 21, came before the Maryland General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics earlier this month, according to a letter from committee counsel William G. Somerville. But the committee voted not take up the complaint, saying that “the matters alleged are not within the jurisdiction of the joint committee,” according to a letter sent Thursday to Donoghue (D-Dist. 2C) of Hagerstown.

Now the man who filed the complaint, Jeffrey Werner of Hagerstown, says he intends to file a civil lawsuit against Donoghue.

In a Jan. 21 e-mail obtained by The Gazette, Donoghue replied to all recipients of an e-mail that Werner had sent to a number of state officials. However, Donoghue used Del. Peter A. Hammen’s state-issued computer and e-mail account and did not sign the e-mail.

In his response, Donoghue called Werner a “wife beater,” saying he had unpaid credit card debt and a protective order out against him.

Werner denies the claims, but acknowledges there was a protective order against him in 2004, stemming from a divorce filed in Baltimore County.

Werner is known for his opposition to illegal immigration and sent the original e-mail on behalf of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political organization based in Washington, D.C.

Hammen (D-Dist. 46) of Baltimore is chair of the House Health and Government Operations Committee, on which Donoghue sits.

11 Year Old Silver Spring Maryland Girl Raped by Illegal Aliens

Two Silver Spring men are being held on a $1 million bond Thursday after being arrested on charges that they raped an 11-year-old girl who, shortly after leaving the scene of the crime, helped police arrest the two men by identifying items she saw in their residence, police say.

Melquicide H. Sorto, 31, and Marcos R. Torres-Enriquez, 20, both of the 8700 block of Carroll Avenue in Silver Spring, were arrested Tuesday night by Montgomery County Police and charged with second-degree rape. Montgomery County District Court Judge William Simmons set the bond for both men at $1 million Thursday. They will continue to be held at the Montgomery County Detention Center.

Please visit the Gazette for the rest of the story.