When you Read Opinon Pieces from the Herald Mail, you would think you are reading Pravda – Their Love affair with a Socialist Senator Munson is amazing

The Herald Mail must be on the take by Senator Don Munson, allegedly, or maybe they are just so far up Munson’s ass they may feel like having the Roto Rotor Man come and rescue them. This is no surprise that The Liberal Fish Wrap Herald would support such a Liberal Senator, after all, that is who they are all about, misinformation like the left and distortions like the left. It makes for Perfect Bird Cage Liner. Munson just lost his best friend, the Federally Indicted Ulysses Curry from Budget and taxation, God knows Munson can never ever do any thing on his own. He has no fresh ideas, just more spending and more of the kick the can to the curb and the voters along with it. Munson has become an evil Socialist who needs to be replaced along with his Lush Friend, John Donoghue.

Munson is clear choice in race for state Senate seat

September 2, 2010

The Herald-Mail typically does not offer endorsements in the primaries, leaving it to the parties to sort out their respective candidates for the general election.

We break with this informal policy in this year’s District 2 state senate Republican primary race between sitting Sen. Donald Munson and the challenger for the seat, Del. Christopher Shank, for two reasons.


The editor of the Herald, Linda seriously needs to work on her bedside manner when it comes to bringing facts to the public instead of lathering up Munson’s leg for some give back.

Jeff Werner


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