Senator Don Munson Refuses To Debate Delegate Chris Shank – Cecil Calvert calls on WHAG NBC NEWS 25 to Step in

Subject: Senator Don Munson Refuses To Debate Delegate Chris Shank – Cecil Calvert calls on WHAG NBC NEWS 25 to Step in
To: "pbickford" <pbickford>, Mark Kraham <mkraham>

Dear NBC News 25,
Many of us here in District 2 want a debate between long time Senator Don Munson and House Minority Whip, Delegate Chris Shank for District 2 State Senate Seat. Senator Munson continues to duck the constituents of District 2 by not allowing us to question him on his voting record over the past few years and his votes to increase Taxes and give money to Casa De Maryland who blatantly flaunts the breaking of the law with it’s assistance to harbor and abet illegal aliens in Maryland. Senator Munson also voted in 2003 which allowed Illegal Aliens to either retain or receive driver’s licenses in Maryland by skewing the language of the bill as far as to requirements to obtain such driver’s license. Senator Munson has no problem crying to the Herald Mail, stating Delegate Shank has a terrible terrible record, but the fact is, Senator Munson does not want to embarrass his Political Career by doing what the people of District 2 want, that is a debate. If Delegate Shank has such a Terrible Record as the kind Senator Suggests, then why not debate him on the issues instead of running from them. We, in District 2 have grown tired of Senator Munson’s ducking of the issues and are demanding that he come forward and debate Delegate Chris Shank and prove his assertions. It is not uncommon for two, vying for the same seat in the same party to not have a debate to show the differences between the 2 candidates to give a clear and viable choice for our District 2 Senator for the next 4 years. I am calling on WHAG to demand a debate between Delegate Chris Shank and Senator Munson and let’s get this done and taken care of for District 2. Below is an open letter to Senator Munson from Delegate Chris Shank asking for the Senator to come forward and debate.

August 30, 2010

The Honorable Donald F. Munson


28 Church Street

Hagerstown MD, 21740

Dear Senator Munson-

I was concerned to learn of your refusal to participate in a debate of the issues important to the citizens of Washington County. I am writing to ask that you reconsider your position.

As I have said from the beginning of this campaign, I respect your service to the people. I know that you believe as I do that service in the General Assembly is an honor that must be earned.

We both want to represent Washington County in the State Senate for the next four years. We both have very different voting records and very different philosophies of the role of government. We have a duty and obligation to talk to the citizens about how we would represent them.

The citizens of Washington County need to hear directly from both of us. They need to hear our explanation of our past votes and positions, as well as what we will do about the pressing problems like high taxes, overspending, and the 10% rate of unemployment in our county.

This campaign is not about one individual – it is not about you or me. This campaign is about the citizens of Washington County and the type of representation they want in Annapolis. We owe them an honest exchange of ideas – unfiltered by media or any other entity. They deserve an opportunity to ask questions directly of us and hold us accountable for our past actions and votes.

A government accountable to the people is what our founding fathers envisioned all those years ago. Thomas Jefferson himself once said “educate and inform the whole mass of the people…they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty”.

I sincerely believe that a debate would be the best way to discuss the issues with the citizens of Washington County. Let us appear before the citizens and have a free and unfiltered discussion of the issues of the day.

You and I spend a lot of time campaigning for this seat; I think it would be a tremendous investment of that time to offer our constituents with this opportunity to question us. As you know, since the proposal was made, several individuals and entities have stepped forward and agreed to host and/or moderate a debate if you would agree to it. I would be happy to meet any time to discuss the best way to facilitate this exchange of ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.


Christopher B. Shank

Thank you for your time.


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