Get To Know Washington County Commissioner Candidate, Robin Wivell

It was March 23, 1775 when my ancestor, Patrick Henry stood amongst the Virginia House of Burgesses and is credited with swinging that House to pass a resolution delivering the VA troops to the Revolutionary War against Great Britain in his now-famous “give me liberty or give me death” speech.  While it was certainly a different time and much different circumstances in 1775, Patrick Henry also spoke of the importance of standing up for your beliefs when he also stated during that speech “should I keep back my opinion at such a time, through fear of giving offense?”

It is this same fight within me today that drives me to seek the office of Washington County Commissioner for I truly believe that one must stand up for their beliefs and do what is right for their constituents. If you find me worthy of your vote and I am elected as a Commissioner to represent you in local government, I promise that I will speak the truth, adhere to that which is right, fair and just, and be an independent voice for the citizens of Washington County.

Elect Robin Lynne (Henry) Wivell to the Board of County Commissioners!

If elected, ROBIN LYNNE WIVELL will:

Advocate for Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

  • Work to keep government “affordable”
  • Control spending and differentiate from needs versus wants
  • Improve efficiencies, where possible
  • Advocate at the State and Federal levels for a fair distribution of funds while being cautious that their deficits are not passed on to our local government
  • Oppose income and property tax rate increases
  • Protect and adopt, where necessary, strong financial policies
  • Support and protect cash reserves
  • Support pay-go funding of capital projects, while opposing excessive borrowing

ROBIN LYNNE WIVELL also loves our quality of life here in Washington County, and believes:

  • In the protection of private property rights, and will work to safeguard those rights
    • The rural character of Washington County is best protected through the purchase of permanent easements or other programs and not through takings from “down-zoning” or other non-compensated easements.
  • Growth can be managed through the County’s Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance ( APFO) uniformly applied to all
  • The agricultural industry can prosper through protections and programs that provide for its viability
  • We should continue to search for alternative approaches to resolving environmental issues, including the adaptation of new technologies in our sewer treatment facilities and addressing landfill capacity by researching alternatives such as partnerships with recyclers, waste stream separators, and waste-to-energy plant proposals

In regards to tax policy and economic development, Robin Lynne Wivell

  • Believes in the free market and supports a local tax policy that spurs private investment and enhances economic development.

–          supports temporary stimulus programs that will create jobs paying above-average wages and create investment in the community

–          supports a re-evaluation within the Economic Development Commission to create incentive programs directly benefiting new and existing businesses;

–          Education plays a vital role in the success of our economic development programs and the County must continue to improve upon the good work that has already begun in this area

  • K-12 magnet and specialized programs
  • HCC incubator and bio-tech labs


  • 20-year resident of Washington County
  • Mother of four daughters
  • Married to William Joseph Wivell
  • Member, St. Rita’s Roman Catholic Church, currently serving on Parish Council
  • Facilities Coordinator and store manager at a private school
  • Attended Northern Virginia Community College, Hagerstown Community College, and Shepherd University, majoring in Chemistry/Biology

I’m a Washington County advocate that believes that one person can make a positive difference, and, in the words of Patrick Henry “We must fight” for our beliefs!

Please contact me with your issues and concerns, or if you are able to help with my campaign.

  • Email –
  • Mailing address: P. O. Box 273, Smithsburg, MD  21783
  • Phone- 301-824-3369

Remember – it’s the votes that count!

Exercise Your Right!

Please Vote

September 03, 2010 – Early voting begins

September 14, 2010 –Primary

November 02, 2010 – General Election


Robin Lynne WIVELL



Authority: Friends of Robin Lynne Wivell


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