Senator Munson – A True Liberal in his Heart and Soul – Newsletter of the Facts

Before you scroll down and read Delegate Shank’s Newsletter, I want everyone to know one thing, this is NOT a Negative Campaign, what this is, is showing the facts of someone who claims to be one thing, but his voting record proves he is another.  I do not have to apologize for any of the Campaign Messages coming from Camp Shank, he is telling the truth about Someone who has “LOST THEIR WAY” and “FORGOTTEN HOW TO BE A CONSERVATIVE”.  With that being said, here are some of the Highlights of Senator Don “The Democrat” Munson’s beliefs and votes.

The Latest News Letter From Candidate for State Senate, Chris Shank, outlines Senator Don Munson’s Liberal Agenda, examples, 183% Increase in State Budgets, $4 Billion in Stimulus Funds for OWE Malley, 14% Increased Personal Income Tax, The Estate Tax that Bush got rid of, Munson voted to keep in Maryland, 2% Tax on HMO’s, Voted for Life Partner relationships, Death Penalty Amendments that have made it difficult to use the Death Penalty in Maryland, Don Munson voted for Amendments allowing recordation and transfer tax breaks for Domestic Partners, giving them special privileges and further eroding traditional marriage in Maryland.


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