SB-844 – This is a MUST READ!!!

Subject: SB-844

Dear Senators Kittleman, Lenett, Colburn, Harris, and Reilly:

On behalf of Help Save Maryland, for which I am a Director (, I want to express our disappointment in how SB-844 was handled.

Help Save Maryland opposes the presence of illegal aliens in Maryland; and although we supported SB-844 in the 2010 GA session, we were not happy with it.

HSM obtained advice from the Immigration Law Reform Institute ( to improve SB-844 so that it would avoid any Constitutional issues. And we communicated this advice numerous times to Senator Kittleman’s staff. In the end, however, our requests to revise SB-844 were ignored. And as you know, SB-844 was referred to interim study, effectively killing the bill. In fact, when I complained to one of your staff post-mortem, the response I received was that "some of our other constituents oppose SB-844."

In contrast, Del. Warren Miller’s staff used our advice to improve HB-721, the companion bill in the House.

Constituents who want Maryland government to use taxpayer funds to employ illegal aliens for personal gain are undermining Federal law and some are doing so with criminal intent.

HSM considers a vote to require State contractors to use E-Verify as a litmus test for candidates to the Maryland General Assembly. If bills like SB-844 or HB-721 are never voted on, then cowardly legislators can avoid charges of violating their oath of office. Your fellow Senators on the other side of the aisle undoubtedly know this. I do not believe that any of you are cowards when it comes to supporting the rule-of-law or to supporting the interests of law-abiding citizens against the interests of criminals.

HSM requests that BEFORE the 2011 session you work with HSM to craft a bill that will be voted upon.

After the November election, we will be in touch with you for this purpose.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Robert Fireovid


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