Liberal Herald Mail Columnist Writes Negative Factless Base Article to drum up support for Don Munson – Tim Rowland

It goes with out saying that I have had my battles with the faltering fish wrap, the Herald Mail and it’s radical columnist Tim Rowland, he has probably attacked Delegate Shank in such a negative manner that I have done to Don “The Democrat” Munson, the difference is, I am not getting paid to Shill for Delegate Shank, I simply support Delegate Shank because he is the best Candidate for the Job, Tim Rowland Shills for Senator Don Munson, who he has respected for a long time, and let me just add, Rowland is a Democrat, so this should come as no surprise, all of Munson’s supporters are Democrats.  Let’s examine why Tim Rowland wrote such a negative piece on Delegate Shank.  The most plausable theory is, that, Munson is trailing in the polls, and trailing not by a close margin, I have heard recent polling results from anywhere from trailing Shank at 4% to 9%, so Munson calls on his Fish Wrap Buddy Tim Rowland to help dig him out the pits.

It’s very obvious in the people I have spoken with who do not know who I support, that Delegate Shank has the total and complete support of the Grassroots Nation out here, the Hagerstown Tea Party, Potomac Tea Party, writer from the Blue Ridge Forum, and other columnists who have written about the race.  They all see Shank as the true and only choice for the Conservative candidate from District 2.  What Tim Rowland fails to mention, is that, the so called Unaffiliated vote is leaving to Delegate Shank.  The unafilliated in Washington County tend to be more Constitutional as opposed to Independents.  So Tim Rowland’s column is baseless.  He also goes on to talk about, How Brad Botwin from Help Save Maryland appeared to be hired gun for Shanks campaign, wrong again Tim, what Brad Botwin does in his speeches around the state is hold those accountable in those counties who have voted and supported Illegal Aliens in Maryland and Don Munson was the one from Washington County, and yes Tim, if you knew the story, you would think Munson was nuts.  Let me tell you the story.  Senator Munson got called out by Help Save Maryland for voting 1 million dollars to the home of Casa De Maryland in Langley Park, a building in which Munson had no write voting tax dollars to.  If Munson had done his homework, he would have realized that Casa De Maryland is the leading Advocate for Illegal Aliens and Law Breaking promotion and harboring of Illegal Aliens.  If you read Munson’s statements on the Vote, he had no idea what the Hell he was voting for, so again Tim, your off the mark.  Then you make a statement about how Munson’s daughter stood up on behalf of her father “Ably”.  How do you know Tim, you weren’t even there, you have never been to a Tea Party Rally on the Issues, your a Democrat, I would expect nothing different from you.  When you try to inform the readers, you need to show the facts, you did not, again, you are shilling for Senator Munson, and quite frankly you should be admonished for writing a fact less remark.  You weren’t there, neither was Senator Munson, who has himself not been to a Tea Party rally on the issues.  You simple are writing a piece for a Friend whose Campaign is in the Tanks, why else would you come out in such a way?  You know the old theory, If you have to write about it, then there is actual traction to it, and in District 2, Senator Munson’s is trailing, and trailing by more than a little.  I commend you for trying to help an old friend, but if you knew the voting records, you would know why everyone wants The Don voted out.  He is a democrat in a republican disguise, he is a Liberal Patsy and Sellout Voter of his own constituency.  He does what he feels is best for himself, after all, in Munson’s world, it’s all about POWER and CLOUT, not about the People.  Delegate Shank is about the Family and Hard Worker, and protecting his constituents with good pieces of legislation, but when you have two members of the Washington County delegation constantly siding against the rest of the Members, it’s not that they are doing the heavy lifting, but it’s about them not knowing how to be team players.  John and Don, two despicable men, one the Fool, the other the Jester.  You decide which is which.

Here is Tim Rowland’s fact less article, feel free to email him your thoughts.

Shank’s latest campaign strategy is a risky move


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