Senator Don “The Democrat” Munson is running in fear for his Political Career – Refuses to Debate Shank – Ryan Miner Mentioned – Inadequacies

Well my friends, the time has come, Senator Don Munson has been called to the mat and he is running away with his tail tucked between legs, his reason, he says he doesn’t have to debate Shank who has the worst record in Annapolis over the last 4 years, well Senator, you may be correct, by why don’t come out and tell everyone WHY his voting record is the way it is in comparison to yours.  I guess you need me to spill the beans for you.  One, you are a Panderer and a Sympathizer for Illegal Aliens in Maryland, Two, you would sell out your voters to forward your failing political career.  Three, Delegate Shank does not bend over or fold when the pressure is on, much like yourself who goes cowering into the baffles of the State House, you know, the one with Pictures hanging of my Ancestors.

So, I am going to be honest here, I have never been an admirer of Ryan Miner, but what you have done to him is completely beyond reproach, loathsome if you ask me.  Talk about Inadequacies, you are the epitome of that sir.   First you come out and lie about your voting record in response to being confronted on your votes for Illegal Immigration, first saying it was part of the whole bill, then saying you made a mistake, to saying you pushed the wrong button, well in this case Senator Munson, your attack on Ryan Miner is totally uncalled for, even I chastised him for working with A RINO while comprimising his conservative principles, but now that I understand the whole story, I am actually grateful that he is not working on your Campaign, you see, his political career would be done and over with, it would have been labeled complete failure.  I myself applaud Ryan for stepping up to the plate and offering to help put on a debate between you and Delegate Shank, but your afraid, your a chicken about to fly the coup out of Annapolis and you see the writing on the wall, so what do you do again, try to give double speak, changing your story, fabricating the story as you have become so good at, except this time Senator, we aren’t fooled, we all know the real story, and we will vote accordingly.  Your time has come, yours and that friend of yours John Donoghue, well, you are not what Washington County needs, you don’t carry the water for the County, in fact, you both bring it to it’s knees with your out right beligerance to work with the other members of the Washington County Delegation.  Just ask them, they all have the same story, bring up John and Don to them and they just laugh, none of them take you seriously any longer.  Don’t you find it ironic that you aren’t even invited to co-sponsor any of their bills?  Thats because they don’t want your stench all over it.  They don’t want a democrats hands all over it.  You have failed the people of Washington County with your self righteous hunger for Power and Clout and they finally are getting to know the real Don, the one I know, the one who will throw you under the bus if you don’t like it.  Well Senator, you may have just cast your last vote in Annapolis, we aren’t a bunch of hillbilly’s or gun toting farmers out here, we have become educated on Politics and we do have you to thank for that.  And as to your friend, Mayor McCleaf, he is not worthy of being mentioned in this story, of course he would want to host the debate, he is one of your long time friends and donators, someone you have done “FAVORS” for in exchange for his assistance.  Tell Mayor McCleaf, don’t open the can of worms.

On debating: Shank says yes, Munson says no

AUGUST 27, 2010

The two candidates in a local state Senate primary disagree on whether they should face off in a debate.

Del. Christopher B. Shank said he wants to debate state Sen. Donald F. Munson.

“I’m willing and ready to go, any time and place,” Shank said.

Munson isn’t interested.


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