More Issues For Senator Munson’s Campaign Supporter, Senator Ulysses Currie, $187k Missing from Campaign

I guess Senator Don “The Democrat” Munson does not seem to care who supports him during his campaign with offers of assistance and support. Senator Ulysses Currie, yes, the same who is under Federal Investigation for Inappropriateness seems to be missing $187,000.00 from his Campaign.  Is Don “The Democrat” Munson going to offer his assistance to Senator Currie to help him out of this bind?  One often wonders.  Don “The Democrat” has linked himself up with some pretty shady characters to say the least, Mayor from Williamsport, with whom Don Munson secured $100k from the General Assembly for something that has yet to be determined, or has been used for something other than what it was supposed to be used for (allegedly), but I am sure that story will break the closer we get to the Primary.

I guess what I am trying to say here, Don Munson has a track record of hosing himself up to some real shady characters in Maryland’s Democratic Political circles, who is the ring leader?

A. Democrat John Donoghue, campaigning with Don Munson, shows up at Munson’s Fund Raiser as well as other Leading Community Democrats, blocks bills with Munson and both are working against the rest of the Washington County Delegation.  John has his own personal issues that I will not go into here, but those who reside in the area know what they are, so do some bell hops in Annapolis as well as what some other Delegates know.  These two make up quit the Team of Recklessness.

B. Ex Delegate convicted of Child Porn, McKee, now serving time in a Fed Prison. “The Only Crime My Delegate Made Was Looking at Some Child Pornography” see previous posting on this with Audio attached.

C. Senator Ulysses Currie, under investigation by the Feds, and now has $187k mysteriously disappears.  Blog coming on Senator Munson’s friend Currie and all his troubles.

D. Commissioner John Barr, another RINO in Washington County heading up our County Commissioners who is clueless when it comes to E Verify, telling me that it’s a state issue and not a County issue, when clearly I provided the information to him, explaining to him that E Verify is in fact instituted in some Counties on their own.

E. Senate President Mike Miller, who worked with Munson on securing funding for UHMS in exchange for his vote for Casa De Maryland’s so-called renovation to the mansion in PG County.  Senate Mike Miller also has a list of dirty laundry that goes on and on.

F. Governor Martin O’Malley, for which, in one Caucus meeting came out and told everyone that I hated the Governor and Mike Miller.  Well of course I don’t like them, they believe in things I don’t, they support Illegal Aliens with Funding, O’Malley has his own list of corruption in his closet, most of which everyone including the press already knows but will not release to the public.   Munson has voted with all of OWE Malley’s budgets, which cost the loss of jobs in Washington County, business’s to relocate, see recent Grumann and other’s.  Voted to give OWE Malley staff member’s pay increases during a time when Maryland was broke.  Voted for OWE Malley’s Millionaires Tax, Speed Cameras. Etc.  Clearly Don “The Democrat” has his own agenda and it’s not working with the Maryland GOP, it’s working with Maryland’s DNC, which is why they did not throw up a candidate to run in the Election, they already believed that Munson would win, and should he not win, they have other ideas ready to go as a backup plan.

In 2003, Munson voted for a piece of legislation that allowed Illegal Aliens to get and retain Driver’s licenses in Maryland.  Another vote against the Legal Citizens of Maryland.

Munson worked hard to make sure that the Bill making English the Official Language in Maryland would not get passed.

So, if you want to look at someone who has a history of bad judgement, look no further than Don and his Associations, they make quit the crew.

Currie says $187K missing from campaign, replaces treasurer

The chairman of Maryland’s powerful Senate Budget and Taxation Committee reported Thursday that roughly $187,000 has been drained from his campaign account, and his attorney is conducting a “comprehensive investigation” to determine what happened to the money.

Sen. Ulysses Currie, a Prince George’s County Democrat, also reported that he has replaced his longtime campaign treasurer. Currie’s attorney, Gregg Bernstein, wrote in a letter to the Maryland State Board of Elections that “inconsistencies” with the campaign funding report “appear to be the result of the treasurer’s conduct.”,0,6187955.story


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