A Real Conservative Needs Your Support against A “Rino” Campaigning with Democrats

As we draw closer to the Primary, one which will see the winner most likely win the seat with no challenger from the Left, Delegate Chris Shank can use all the help you can give.  There is a reason why the Democrats did not put up a challenger for District 2, that is because Don Munson is a Democrat in a Republican Disguise.  After this years session in Annapolis, Munson has now gone over 50 percent of the time voting with the Left, a record not to be proud of during a recession in Maryland.  Please consider giving Delegate Shank your support, if he loses, you lose a seat in Maryland’s State House as he has given up his Delegate seat to run for State Senate.  Chris is a true conservative, his opponent is a true Democrat, though he refuses to acknowledge that.  Don Munson for all it’s worth no longer deserves the Respect and Clout he desires, not when you defend your Delegate at the time for Child Pornography, see Munson and article on Delegate McKee.  Munson has fought with the Democrats to fight against the Healthcare Freedom Act which would have exempted Marylander’s from filling the Obama Coffer’s, he fought behind the scenes to make sure Delegate Shanks, Correctional Officer’s Bill of Rights was defeated, this was mostly done in part, because Munson put up his own bill that would NOT have allowed officers to retain their own representation, and of course that one passed, and why shouldn’t it, he was working with Democrat John Donoghue to make sure that Delegate Shank’s bills would get defeated, and these are bills that would have protected your Children and Family as well.  No my friends, Don “The Democrat” may say he is working for you and your family, but behind the scenes, he is working “AGAINST” your family for what is right.  His votes with O’Malley on all his budgets, taxes, wasteful spending, vote sellouts against Marylander’s from other Counties just to benefit himself, is enthrawed with Governor O’Malley, looking up to him like someone in love from a distance.  No, this is not what we need in our county, what we need, and what would not only benefit Washington County and the State of Maryland, is not someone who is going to stab you in the back and sell off “YOUR’ vote, we need a True Conservative Voice fighting for us.  Remember one thing before you go and vote this primary, When your representative from your District is Voting, it is your VOTE they are using, do you really want them selling off “YOUR” vote to benefit themselves?  Another point of interest, Delegate Andrew Serfafini, a Financial Analyst and Guru wants all State House Workers, who fall under the umbrella of State Workers to back away from their Golden Parachute Pension Plans and get in line with the rest of the State Workers, Donald Munson does not agree with this, well why should he, he has spent 30 years in the State House collecting all those mileage checks over the years and has dumped into his retirement plan rather heftely, why should he have to give money back to the people, the working class, after all, he has all this CLOUT to show for his 30 years in office.  I contest by saying, Munson’s 30 years of CLOUT is what is wrong with Annapolis, these Sellout Politicians become to comfortable in their seats and should be Termed, but he doesn’t agree with this.  Sorry Don, your number has come up and it’s time to ride off into the sunset.  But back to the point, Munson fought hard against Serafini’s idea of backing down on Pension Plans, remember, this is the Don who is supposed to be working so hard with his Delegation, I contest, the only one who is working hard, is Don Munson, but for his own gains and not that for who he represents.  Remember, Don Munson is a Sellout, Liberal Republican, he has given up the fight to get what he has always wanted, CLOUT, and CLOUT my friends is another term for Selfishness and Ego.  We have enough Ego’s in Annapolis to deal with, now we have a chance to get rid of one of them.


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