Apparently, Senator Don “The Democrat” Munson thinks the only Mistake Ex Delegate McKee made was “Only Looking at some Child Pornography” Audio File Attached

Apparently during a committee session, Senator Munson made a reference to Ex Delegate McKee of 2A and the Child Pornography case and that he is now serving time in a Federal Prison.  Not only did the Ex Delegate, who is a very close friend of Don Munson get caught with some Child Porn on his State Owned Computer, but it was allot of Child Porn on the Computer for which your taxes pay for.

Senator Munson made a defensive remark in regards to his Child Pornography Friend, Ex Delegate McKee, by stating, “Well the only crime my Delegate made was looking at some child pornography”.  Only “SOME” Senator Munson?  Do you not feel that this is a serious crime?  You almost make it sound happenstance in your boisterous support for your friend.  We know that you are a friend of the Democrats, let’s make no mistake about it, but your reference to your convicted felon friend was very much uncalled for and out of line, especially during a Committee Hearing.   Attached is the Audio of the Outrageous Comments by Senator Don Munson in reference to his Friend, in Such High Standing in the Community, Ex Delegate McKee, may he enjoy his time among those who despise Child Sex Offenders, and after all, that is exactly what his friend is, A Sex Offender, and of the worst kind.

You need to highlight the Audio File, Right Click, Then Open in a new browser or window. You have to forward in about 28 minutes.

06 SB 497, SB 894.MP3.mp3


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