Senate Candidate Chris Shank receives another Endorsement – The NRA – Munson Gets Zippo Much like his Career, Zippo

Delegate Chris Shank, Senate Candidate received a very important endorsement, that of the National Rifle Association and he also grades an “A” as one of the Best Delegates in Annapolis and Washington County.  Feel free to give Delegate Shank your thanks at his Facebook Page, or you can contact him through his website.

Delegate Shank receives this endorsement on Top Of Child Advocacy Group, Citizens for Jessica’s Law for his tiredless work to protect our children and bring these predators and murderer’s to Justice.  Hopefully this year, after he wins the Senate seat we can finally get Justice’s Law passed and Child Support Legislation corrected.

From Cecil Calvert to Senate Candidate, Chris Shank, Congrats to you, there is not a more deserving individual for our freedoms and protections than you and as you courageously fight for us, we recognize you as one of the Great People in Annapolis who never bends or breaks to the Status Quo Shills.  Congrats Chris, and may you receive many more endorsements which we know are coming.

Delegate Shank:

On behalf of the National Rifle Association members in the District 2, I am pleased to announce your NRA-PVF “A” rating for the 2010 Republican Primary election.

Your exemplary record of past service in the Maryland House of Delegates clearly illustrates your commitment to protecting the rights of law-abiding firearm owners and sportsmen. Our members will interpret your “A” rating as being a pro-Second Amendment/pro-hunting candidate who supports gun owners and sportsmen.

Best of luck in your campaign and I look forward to working with you to advance the interests of Maryland’s law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen. Please feel free to communicate your rating as you deem appropriate.Sincerely,

Andrew JennisonNRA-ILA Maryland State Liaison


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