Senator Donald “The Democrat” Munson voted YAY for Illegal Aliens and Driver’s Licenses – He is the Illegal Alien’s Best Friend in Annapolis

Delegate Chris Shank Newsletter, this time he probes into Senator Donald Munson’s Support for Illegal Aliens and Casa De Maryland.  In my mind, Casa De Maryland should be sending Donald “The Democrat” Munson thank you notes after every assembly, a, for either voting in support of Legislation that benefits them, or b, sells out Maryland Legal Citizens with his vote to Mike Miller and Martin O’Malley to gain something for Washington County without even thinking that his vote would harm Legal Citizens and Marylander’s.  How many illegal aliens, with Maryland Driver’s License’s have been maimed, murdered or broken many other Driving Laws in Maryland thanks to those who supported Illegal Aliens getting and retaining their driver’s license’s.  How can Donald Munson sleep at night with good conscience knowing that his vote kept illegals on the roadways just to benefit his little School out here?  Would you sell out your State and allow Illegal Aliens all the benefits they have gotten under Don Munson to just keep his School afloat?  Thats what I call a true political sellout to all the people of Maryland.


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