Help Save Maryland – Letter, Event, State Senate Candidates on CASA & Illegals

Subject: Help Save Maryland – Letter, Event, State Senate Candidates on CASA & Illegals

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get tough on drunken-driver illegals

The Washington Times 7:24 p.m., Thursday, August 19, 2010

The silence from Maryland’s political leadership was deafening when the news broke that Carlos Montano, an illegal alien, was arrested in Virginia for crashing into and killing an innocent Catholic nun while driving under the influence ("Suspect in fatal accident an illegal," Page 1, Aug. 3).

Politicians in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, which are known sanctuaries for illegal aliens, are quite aware of the dangerous arrest-and-release policies used for drunken-driving and related cases involving illegal aliens. For counties that pride themselves on public health and safety issues such as cigarette-smoking bans, trans-fat elimination, fireworks restrictions, motorcycle and bicycle helmet requirements and severe drunken-driving regulations, this revolving-door policy for illegals stands out like a sore thumb.

A careful review of Montgomery County’s outstanding criminal and traffic warrants posted online reveals hundreds of alcohol-related arrests of illegals. In Prince George’s County, the problem is even more pronounced, with outstanding warrants numbering in the tens of thousands. Why does the solid bloc of Democratic politicians in both counties assume that illegal aliens cited for drunken driving and related automotive violations (such as driving without a license or insurance) would actually show up in court for their crimes?

These fugitives already broke the law getting to our state and have no respect for our system of justice. We all know too well that automobiles can be killing machines. For the safety of Maryland residents, it’s time to tighten immigration-enforcement restrictions to include all driving violations.




8.28.10 – Washington, DC

Looking for a bus? Click here to see our bus map. (updated daily)
Attention buses traveling to DC for 8/28 – Please read…

Where is the Restoring Honor event located??
The event stage will be located on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Several video screens and sound towers will be placed along the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and on the grounds of the Washington Monument. Remember that these monuments are located in a National Park and are open to the public as well as attendees of our event. Safety for all is our primary concern so please follow all rules posted and be respectful of all in attendance.

What are the hours of the Rally?
Official hours are 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Is the event free of charge?
Yes, the event is free of charge. No tickets or pre-registration required with the exception of buses. All buses traveling to the event will need to register (also free of charge). You can register your bus here.

How can I get to the Rally site?
It is recommended that everyone take Metrorail to the event. Car parking is free on Saturdays at all Metrorail stations in the outlying suburbs.

The closest Metro stop to the event is Smithsonian on the Orange and Blue Lines. The walking distance from the Smithsonian Metro Station to the event site is almost one mile
You can also take Metrorail to Foggy Bottom-GWU, Farragut West, Metro Center and Federal Triangle stations, all on the Orange and Blue lines. Metro Center also connects to the Red Line.

To learn more about the Metrorail system or to plan your route check out the WMATA website.

On August 28th, what is the Metrorail schedule?
Metrorail will operate on a regular Saturday schedule, 7:00 AM – 3:00 AM (on Sunday morning). Please visit for detailed information. Entrances to the Smithsonian Metro Station close at 10:00 PM.

Where can our Bus Park? Can buses drop us of close to the event site?
Buses will not be permitted to drop anywhere near the Lincoln Memorial. Buses can drop at Union Station or at RFK Stadium and attendees can take the Metro from there.

Bus parking is available at RFK Stadium for groups. RFK Stadium is adjacent to the Stadium Armory Metro Rail station on the Orange & Blue Rail lines. Walking distance from the bus parking area to this Metro is approximately 0.7 miles. The RFK Stadium Armory station connects to the Smithsonian Metro Rail Station, approximately 1 mile from the Lincoln Memorial event site.

All buses traveling to the event will need to register (free of charge). You can register your bus here.

Where can I find a bus leaving from my hometown?
You can post a message on our serve. We’ll do our best to help you but you should explore your options locally too.

What if I want to drive to the event?
We do not recommend that you bring your car into DC for this event. Parking at or near the Rally site will be EXTREMELY limited and traffic will be restricted and backed up due to walking participants. If you must drive, double your expected travel time to arrive into DC. The closest parking garages are about a one-mile walk from the event site and could cost up to $25 for the day. Check Saturday closing times on all garages. Remember, street parking meters operate on Saturdays.

Will a taxi drop me off close enough to the rally?
Taxis will be very hard to find because of the volume of people coming into the city for this event. Taxis will be allowed to drop only as close as the police grant vehicle access to the site, and that is unknown at this time. You might have to walk a distance so be prepared.

We’re coming with a motorcycle club. Where can we park?
Motorcycles are able to park in any legal parking space along the Mall or in downtown DC but are subject to the same rules and meter regulations as cars. Parking is extremely scarce around the Mall.

I’m riding my bicycle to the rally. Will there be bike racks?
Visit the National Park Service’s website for more information.

What considerations are being made for persons with disabilities?
All metro stations are ADA accessible. The National Mall and the event site are accessible to wheelchairs. Unfortunately however, we are not permitted to allow buses to drop off people at the Rally site. The closest drop off points are Union Station and RFK Stadium. If you travel from RFK stadium you can take the Metro, which is ADA accessible to the Smithsonian station on the Orange and Blue Lines. The distance from the Smithsonian Metro Station to the event site is almost one mile.

Who are the speakers?
The speakers include representatives from SOWF, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Dr. Alveda King and Marcus Luttrell. Jo Dee Messina will be performing as well.

What can I bring?
You can bring small umbrellas, bottled water (plastic bottles only please), bag lunches, snacks, lawn chairs, cameras, blankets, small coolers, backpacks, and flags. Also, we advise that you bring hats and sunscreen.

What can I NOT bring?
As a security precaution, the following items will be prohibited from the event sites:

• NO signs (political or otherwise) as they may deter from the peaceful message we are bringing to Washington.
• Firearms (either real or simulated)
• Ammunition
• Explosives of any kind (including fireworks)
• Knives, blades, or sharp objects (of any length)
• Mace and/or pepper spray
• Helium balloons
• Sticks or poles
• Pocket or hand tools, such as "leatherman"
• Packages
• Large bags (anything larger than a backpack)
• Duffle bags
• Suitcases
• Weapons of any kind
• Aerosols
• Laser pointers
• Animals other than service/guide dogs
• Structures (i.e tents)
• Alcoholic beverages
• Other items that may pose a threat to the security of the event

Will the public be allowed to camp out on the Mall?
It is against the law to camp out on the Mall. That means no sleeping bags, tents, or other erected structures are permitted on National Park Service (NPS) property which includes the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

What are the average temperatures for Washington DC in August? How should I dress?
According to the National Weather Service, the normal temperatures in Washington DC range from the low to mid 80’s to the low to high 90’s. We expect it to be very hot and humid so please bring sunscreen, water and wear comfortable, lightweight clothes. Rain is also unpredictable that time of year, so keep your fingers crossed, but pack a small umbrella or poncho to be safe!

Is it permissible to sell any merchandise on the National Mall grounds?
Please direct all vending inquiries to the DC Dept of Regulatory and Consumer Affairs, Sam Williams, 202-535-2973. Absolutely no products are to be sold on the National Mall (which includes the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument grounds).

Are there any other Restoring Honor events happening on or before August 28th?
SOWF and Glenn Beck are only organizing the Restoring Honor breakfast and event on 8/28. All other events happening around this time are unofficial and coordinated by private citizens.

How can I volunteer?
The best way is to help us spread the word about the rally. Please hand our flyer out to your family and friends, and make sure your community is aware—whether that’s your neighborhood, church, school, office, etc.

For more information email us at serve



Check out these great resources for more information.

Traveling by Bus…

Buses must display the proper permits in order to cross into the District of Columbia and must adhere to the District’s rules for drop off, pick up, idling and parking. Buses will not be allowed to drop anywhere on the National Mall or Lincoln Memorial except for specifically designated areas.

We ask that all groups travelling to the Rally register their buses and vehicles (don’t worry it’s FREE!).

Register your bus today!

Need to reserve a bus for your group? Fill out our transportation request form and we will help get you to the rally.

Bus Quick Links:

  • I am a group coordinator looking to serve.

Traveling by Metro…

Metro stations open at 7:00 am on weekends. The closest Metro stations to the Lincoln Memorial are Foggy Bottom-GWU, Federal Triangle and Smithsonian on the Orange and Blue lines and Metro Center on the Red Line. Visit the Washington Area Metro Transit Authority site to find locations for all the stations adjacent to the National Mall and to plan your trip.

Traveling by Car…

This is not recommended! DC has very little parking around the Mall and much of it will be limited by mall construction projects, tour bus drop off or media truck access. DC has some 2-hour metered parking nearby which is monitored regularly and enforced. Check the hours on parking garages since some close early on Saturdays. We recommend you come to the rally by bus or by Metro.

Drop-off and Pick-up

For safety reasons, The National Park Service and DC Metropolitan Police will not permit buses to drop anywhere downtown with the exception of RFK Stadium. Attendees can then take the Metro from the Stadium-Armory stop on the Orange and Blue lines to the Smithsonian or Federal Triangle stops on the same lines. Attendees can then walk to the Restoring Honor Rally site at the Lincoln Memorial, approximately a one-mile walk. Check back to this page as the date approaches for updates to this plan.

Questions About D.C.?

Check out this official Visitor’s Guide.

Questions? Email Us.


HELP US SPREAD THE WORD Help us spread the word about the Restoring Honor Rally by hanging the official rally poster in your community.

Download our General Information Packet


Chris Shank – Washington County – Detailed breakout of his position

Victor Ramirez – Prince George’s County – No discussion regarding his views on illegal immigration & CASA of Maryland. Must not be an issue in PG County!

Saqib Ali – Montgomery County – No discussion regarding his views on illegal immigration & CASA of Maryland. Must not be an issue in Montgomery County!


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