Maryland’s “Faltering” Economy

Subject: Maryland’s "Faltering" Economy

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Dear Friends,

If you want to know why I’m running for Governor, look no further than the troubling news of job losses we’ve recently witnessed across Maryland. If you want to help me get Maryland working again, just click here to take action.

  • CitiGroup announced it will shut down its facility in Frederick County – dislocating 1,000 employees – just weeks after BP Solar and JP MorganChase announced they will lay off a combined 1,000 Marylanders in Frederick.
  • Solo Cup announced it will shut down its 550-employee plant in Baltimore County this Fall, adding to the 211,000 Marylanders who cannot find jobs today. In Washington County, unemployment is up more than 200% from just four years ago.
  • A new survey from the University of Baltimore shows a stunning 58 percent drop in business confidence in Maryland on Governor O’Malley’s watch.
  • Today, Maryland’s labor department acknowledged that Maryland’s economy has "faltered" and faces an "uphill struggle" in job creation. If we don’t fix government soon, they may be right.

This election is about who is better prepared to lead an economic recovery In Maryland. It is obvious that my opponent has little to no understanding of what it takes to help create secure, private sector jobs for Maryland families.

I am running to get Maryland’s economy working again. That’s why Mary Kane and I convened economic roundtables this week in Washington County, Howard County, and St. Mary’s County to lay out our plan for more jobs and lower taxes across Maryland. It begins with lowering the tax burden for families and small businesses, fixing an unemployment insurance system that hurts job creators, and changing the mindset in government to make job creation Priority One.

We are at a critical moment in Maryland’s economic future. We cannot fix our economy until we fix our government. Join me on this journey by taking action at our website. Together, we can get Maryland working again.



Our mailing address is:
Bob Ehrlich for Maryland P.O. Box 2
Timonium, MD 21094-0002

Copyright (C) 2010 Bob Ehrlich for Maryland All rights reserved.



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