Shank for State Senate on Illegal Immigration – He Will Lead The Fight Head On

Shank for State Senate on Illegal Immigration – He Will Lead The Fight Head On:

House Minority Whip, Delegate Chris Shank has vowed to his Constiuents that he is going to fight Illegal Immigration head on.  He will not take a back seat on the issue and will assert all his might to try his best to make sure that “YOU” the tax payer should no longer feel the burden of subsidizing Social Services for Illegal Aliens in our Sanctuary State.  That’s right, Maryland is a Sanctuary state where Illegal Aliens commit mass murder, sexually abuse children, beat up Senior Citizens, Burglurize Business’s and continues to reap the Support of Criminal Organization Casa De Maryland. Delegate Shank, once he wins the Senatorial race will begin an ardent campaign to reign in the Law breakers and Criminals who sneak across our borders in to Maryland to take advantage of the Legal Immigrant and Legal Citizen of Maryland and of this Country.  With the support of his Peers in our State House, he will institute a bill similar to Arizona within the Laws of Maryland to fight this issue head on. 

We are no longer going to take a back seat to these criminals, and that is exactly what they are, criminals.  On the other hand, you can not trust Senator Munson to do the same, he has a track record of supporting Casa De Maryland and selling out his vote to benefit his needs.  Not to mention he will side with Senate President Mike Miller, and Governor O’Malley.  It’s time for this RINO Senator to find his way back to porch and a reclyner and enjoy the evening sunsets with his Grandchildren, afterall Senator, they grow up fast and you don’t want to miss that special time with them. 


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