Progressive Liberal Union, AFSCME Endorses Liberal Republican, Don Munson

This is not shocking in the least and quite frankly does not matter and won’t make a difference in the primary.  Why you say?  Most of those who are in the Union are Democrats and can not vote in the Republican Primary, but what it does show is the long arm of the DNC and Democratic Leaders in Maryland who are supported and endorsed by AFSCME.

I received numerous emails from AFSCME Members, they kept me up to date on meetings regarding Campaign help for Governor O’Malley, so this endorsement is not shocking when you consider how close to the Democratic Party Senator Don Munson is, but quite frankly will not make a difference.  The Leaders of AFSCME were upset when Delegate Chris Shank put forth his Correctional Officers Bill of Rights, basically stripping away Union Representation and allowing members reps of their own choosing when being brought forth on charges or things having to do with the law.  Anytime you try and strip power away from the union, they always find a way to strike back.  This is their way of striking back, because Delegate Shank wanted what was best for those Union Members.  Also, remember the Fair Share Act?  Delegate Shank tried to have that bill rescinded, it is a bill where non union members have to pay into the Membered Union and not allowed the same benefits as those in the Union.  Delegate Shank did not feel that you should have to pay into something that you are not even a part of, so, this is AFSCME way of striking back.  Whatever, they play their little games, they are campaigning for O’Malley and are in bed with Senate President Mike Miller, how do you think they managed to pass a bill that takes money from non union members and puts it in the pocket of the Union Leaders? Hmmmmmm

****Disclaimer, this was also featured in WaCo’s regional Newspaper and you can find the article by google****


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