Money Don’t Mean a Thing, If you ain’t got that Thang

So, if you read the Washington Counties regional Newspaper this morning, one would think that OLE Rino, Senator Don Munson would be running away with this Campaign to retain his seat as State Senator, but what is not being reported is that, Delegate Chris Shank did not even start his campaign fund raising until mid to late July.  There in-lies the “Thang”, that being, Senator Don Munson has lost many core voters from his prior elections.  Those Grassroots supporters who have been informed of Senator Munson’s Liberal Voting record have left his side and move to the core Conservative in Delegate Chris Shank.  The big money donor’s for Munson are the same donors he has for years, so that is not surprising, Friendships always trump misdoings and poor voting records, it’s just a fact, but if you go around District 2, you will see many more signs and show of support for Delegate Chris Shank than that of Liberal Senator Don Munson.

Over the last few months, as I have traveled around the county on my free time, for which I had plenty of , during my days of only working part time, I got to listen to many voters from District 2, at some points, just basically giving an understanding and differences between the two candidates, and one thing is for sure, when you tell them about Liberal Senator Munson, they immediately perk up in disbelief that he would leave their side during a time of economic need.  In fact, when presenting those voters with the facts of Senator Munson, they become appalled.  Let me clarify something as to not get anyone in trouble, I did no campaign solicitation for either camp, I merely asked People if they were Republican or Democrat, where they were located in the County, and when I was told District 2, Republican, I will fill them in on Senator Munson’s Liberal Voting record for Taxes, Bloated Budgets, Casa De Maryland and others.  I told them about his connection to the Democratic Party and his partnership with one Delegate John Donoghue and how they worked together to undermine what the other members of the Delegation where trying to achieve.

As I have told each Candidate in Certain emails, WaCo residents want more cuts, less taxation and more jobs.  I am partial to Chris, everyone knows this, he falls in line with my beliefs as a Core Conservative, never mind that he is a true Champion for the Children of our State who have been murdered or sexually abused, or that he has been trying really hard along with other Legislators to get Illegal Immigration under control and wasteful spending stopped.  Basically, when I was out and about over the last year, or so, I have made if clear that Delegate Shank is the Choice of the People, it’s called Free Advertising, you use your legs and your mouth and you walk around and you explore.  And yes, Delegate Shank is the Voice of the Grassroots out here in WaCo along with Tea Party head, Delegate in Waiting Neil Parrott.  Not at any one time has Senator Munson gone to any Tea Party event, never once speaking up on behalf of our Constitution or our Freedoms, no my friends, what Senator Munson, a true Liberal speaks of is wasteful spending and taking your Tax Dollars as Pork and putting it into Library’s, Museums, and the Arts, he doesn’t actually use the Tax Payer money to help restore Jobs and Innovation back to Washington County, nope, he sure doesn’t.

So, if you think Money wins you campaigns, in some cases yes, but when it come’s down to the core principle, Money Don’t Mean a Thing, If you ain’t got that Thang.

On September 14th, when you cast your vote, you will either put a sitting RINO, Liberal, Big Spender and Tax Collector in District 2’s Senate Seat, or you will put a Grassroots Constitutionalist, A Hard Worker for you Family, Someone whose belief is to allow you to keep your money in your pocket, and someone who believes in the Freedoms this Country was built on in Office.  It’s your choice, but let me remind you, Taxes Taxes and more Taxes are coming, this is not a lie, and if Liberal Donald Munson is back in his ole seat for the coming Assembly, I don’t want to hear any of you whine and moan when your Taxes go up, or when more money goes to Casa De Maryland, that you are fed up with this non sense because, if you come to me looking for a shoulder to cry on, I will simply tell you, you have no one to blame but yourself, after all, “You Pushed The Wrong Button”

****In Protest of the Herald Mail for their Childish Behaviors, I will not provide the link to the Story, However, you can search through Google stories on Shank and Munson, Campaign Finance and find what you are looking for there*******


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