Western Maryland hit harder by recession

Western Maryland hit harder by recession

Northrop Grumman, Kongsberg Automotive closures add to woe

Two well-paying blue-collar employers in Washington County are shuttering their businesses, adding to the woes of this Western Maryland county that already has a jobless rate among the highest in the state.


So let’s break this down a little bit, Washington County continues to lose Jobs, Industry and Revenues, the County is 120,000,000.00 in the red, and we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the State.

Senator Donald Munson likes to claim that he is bringing home the bacon for Washington County, the problem is, bringing home the “BACON” does not bring in or create jobs, industry or help bring in revenues for our County which we are desparately in need of.  Some of Don Munson’s spending, Washington County Library renovation,  The Museums, and the Arts, he did manage to get 500k for Devils Backbone Dam which is still being debated on, whether to take it down, fix it up, etc.

Senator Munson’s track record of an Anti Business Climate (see voting record on Tax’s, Special Session) and Anti Jobs Creation has not only hurt Washington County, but business’s do not want to come out to a County which has lost it’s growth, but has tons of potential out here.  The unemployed have to go to other states to seek out jobs in their professsion.  Senator Munsons YAY votes on the Budgets don’t help matters much either, and during the special session, sided with Progressives with his YAY vote for the Millionaires Tax Increase,etc.  That hit the wealthy two times over.  Not only do the business owners have to pay a high corporate Tax Rate at over 8.5 percent, but if the owner of said business is living in Maryland and makes a certain amount of money to put them in that Miionaires Tax Bracket, they than have to pay more taxes on their earnings.  Let us also not forget, with the new taxes, Business’s in Maryland have to pay a higher Unemployment fee to help offset the cost of borrowing more money from the Feds to replenish the unemployment fund.  So when you go and vote in the Primary between 2 Candidates, one who is Staunchly and Fiscally Conservative and the Other, who falls in line with the Liberal Party of, “Lets Spread the wealth”, please don’t come back with the following euphamism, “Oops, I pushed the wrong button”.  By pushing the wrong button, you have the following scenario, 1., Your going to get hit with higher taxes,  someone who wants to share your money, someone who votes with Liberals to expand Government and not shrink it, while with option 2., you will get someone who is pro business and diversification, someone who wants to cut wasteful spending and someone who will vote against the Bloated Budgets coming out of Annapolis and best of all, someone who wants to put your earnings back in your wallet (Chris Shank).

When you go and vote in the GOP Primary, understand this, your vote will be crucial to the next 4 years in our State House, deficits nearing record numbers with almost 70 percent of our budget mandated, increase in taxes, increase in wasteful spending are coming and don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise, look no further than the budgets passed over the last few years, which were only band aid fixes and not actual solutions, so yes my friends, they are coming.  There will be no incentives to bring Industry and Jobs back to Washington County or Maryland. There will be no Challenger in the General Election, unless some things take place otherwise, so whomever wins this primary is going to be your Senator for the next 4 years.  For me, the decision is easy and natural, I cherish every last dime, nickel  and penny in my pocket, so for me,  I want the person who is Pro Business, Pro Jobs, Anti Tax, and someone who is going to be friendly attracting industry and jobs back to Washington County and someone who is going to strive to cut the Corporate Tax Rate.  The Millionaires Tax Hike runs out soon, so Maryland is going to have to find another way to get their money from the wealthy again.

While Senator Munson was busy hanging with his Liberal Friends in Annapolis, the Minority Leaders were actually trying to come up with a Solution, not a temporary fix.  They had submitted on the Floor the Glide Path Legislation to amend the budget over the next few years with cuts and tax reductions, this would have eased the burden on Maryland Families, but Don didn’t want to hear anything about that.  In fact, he could have used that so called “Clout” to help push through the amended Budget that would have knocked off close to 800 million in spending and wasteful programs, but he was to busy chasing down the folks of Help Save Maryland in the Annapolis Hallways.  So again, when you vote, the solution is simple, you just need to believe that by voting for someone who is actually a Conservative, you will get someone who is going to protect your families welfare and put more of “YOUR” money back in you pocket, there is no excuse to tell your friends ‘Oops, I pushed the wrong button” or “I did not know what I was voting for”.

Fiscally Conservative yours,


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