Neil Parrott receives endorsements for 2b

August 17, 2010

This week I received three very important endorsements. The first is from The Maryland Farm Bureau, which endorsed me for the District 2B Delegate seat. The Farm Bureau is a great organization that does so much to promote and protect agriculture in our state; it’s a real honor to have been chosen for this endorsement.

I also received an endorsement from Tripwire, a publication of Marylanders for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership. In their primary voting guide, they say that I am “the obvious right pick” for my seat. Preserving personal liberties is one of the tenets of a conservative worldview, and this includes the right to keep and bear arms.

The third endorsement that I received this weekend was the Maryland Republican Assembly endorsement. The National Federation of Republican Assemblies is the largest and oldest Republican volunteer organization, and I’m honored to have received the endorsement from the Maryland chapter.

Back-to-School Sign-Waving

The first day of school is coming up quickly, and we are going to welcome the kids back by sign-waving. We’ll go out in the morning and in the evening of tomorrow, Wednesday, August 18. If you think you’ll be able to come, please call campaign Headquarters for details at
240-329-0293. We’d love to have you join us!

I appreciate each of my volunteers’ hard work and dedication to my campaign and to our conservative principles. We are always in need of volunteers to go door-to-door, write follow-up postcards, or help put up signs.

We have lots of parrot-green t-shirts in all sizes (including kids’ sizes!). If you don’t already have one, we’d love to give you your very own. We like seeing so many green shirts when we go places around our community! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support.

With school starting, your high school students may be thinking about their required community service hours. Did you know that your kids or grandkids can get community service hours by helping out with the campaign? We have several students who come in to help out, and we produce an hourly form for students to give to their school for service hour credits. We’d love to have your students’ help and provide them with valuable lifeskill experience!

If you’d like to join in our campaign activities, there is something for everyone (shy and outgoing people alike!), please call headquarters at 240-329-0293, or e-mail Susannah at

As the campaign heats up, we are very glad to have so many friends working with us. April and I are grateful for your friendship, and look forward to talking with you soon!



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