Maryland State House Examiner Reporter, Doug Gill – A divided party, Western Maryland’s red meat republican primary

A divided party, Western Maryland’s red meat republican primary

  • August 17th, 2010 6:07 pm

Senator Donald Munson: do Maryland conservatives have a RINO in their sights?

Photo: (mdmanual)

For all the throw-the-bums-out fever and emergence of anti-establishment candidates, the upcoming primary election in Maryland offers very few hotly contested races and an even smaller number of threatened incumbents. That is, unless one heads west on Interstate 70 and into Washington County.

In the state’s Second District, one of Maryland’s most scenic -and historic – settings, there lurks a campaign for the State Senate that features more “hard knocks” than the HBO series of the same name.

The rivals – veteran State Delegate Christopher B. Shank and incumbent State Senator Donald Munson – have been trading digs since January’s General Assembly session, when Shank questioned the senator’s “thumbs-up” voting record when it comes to the state budget.


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