Candidate for Sheriff, Jim Woods share some Thoughts!!!

Without question our country, at every level, faces a most daunting challenge. In a time of great economic strain, illegal immigration robing our citizens of preciously dwindling resources, environmental concerns and a disenfranchised citizenry, the need to vote and do so intelligently has never been more important.
We as citizens, We, the people our constitution talks about, must now make every concerted effort to inform ourselves on the issues and stances of our day. We must weigh the track records of our current elected officials and measure that against the potential of competing individuals seeking our support.
Principle in our decision making process should be an evaluation of anyone seeking office for their commitment to serving our needs. Will these political contenders actually listen to the needs of the people, serve the majority view and refuse to bend to special interest groups.
This is an important time, a significant choice. On the line is our National, State, and local survival. We can no longer give a casual glance at the mountain of issues facing us. Now it the time to get involved, stay involved and make intelligent decision.

Jim Woods


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