Senator Donald F Munson must leave Maryland’s Republican Party – He is a Democrat – Third Email

Dear Ms. Scott,

Myself and many ohter Republicans would like for you to step in and question Seator Munsons loyalty to our party and are also wondering why you are not doing something about it. I have outlined to you in previous email attempts his voting record, support from the Leading Demeocrats in Annapolis and his ties to Governor O’Malley.

I understand you are fairly moderate in your views as a Republican, but I also realize how much you despise what Casa De Maryland has done to Maryland, what they have done with our Tax Dollars, etc. Shall I outline some more of his deplorable/very progressive liberal voting record for you? I am willing to put this out in the media and get what ever attention I can until Senator Munson’s allegiance is questioned in the Publie Eye. Senator Don Munson is the Least Conservative Legislator the Republicans have in Annapolis, voting with the Liberals 50 percent of the time, voted to furlough state workers, is against Term Limits, voted to give Casa De Maryland 1 millilon dollars, voted for Governor O’Malleys staff to receive pay increases and on and on I can go. Was successful in helping to block the 800 million in Glide Path Legislation to ease our burden financially. Don Munson is also receiving campaign support from Mike Miller, John Donoghue, Ulysses Currie who is under Federal Investigation, and many more. When we the people call upon our Party to look into these types of behaviors, they should. Should he get re elected, we will lose a Seat in the House because our Minority Whip, Delegate Shank is running against Munson. I have press people lined up to run a story for me on this topic, because this is a very important topic. We can not allow RINOS or those who side with O’Malley, Miller and Busch on our Budgets and Taxation to continue as a Republican if they are going to be running around as a Democrat. Why didn’t the DNC throw up a challenger for District 2? Because, they are already helping Don Munson on his campaign. Is this not unethical? Isn’t this something you should want to look into for the betterment of the Party and the GOP Voting Base? I am a Republican, residing in District 2 and thoroughly disgusting that no one will step in and take a look at Senator Don Munson’s voting record. If you want the party to get back to it’s core, people like Munson need to be asked to resign from the Party. I am calling on you to do just that. My family is first generation Marylander and Calvert and I will not allow a Democrat in a Republican disguise to pass legislation that benefits the liberal voting base in Maryland. and takes money out of the middle class workers pockets, ie, pay reductions for furloughing state workers. If you need a list of the kind Senator’s voting record from over the years, to verify all his votes for bloated bugets and siding with Mike Miller, cutting deals to get Money for Washington County, I can provide that because the votes he has cast have hurt my family financially. While we are at it, as yourself this question, Why is a so called Republican voting on a Bll that sent a million dollars to Casa De Maryland’s Multi Cultural Center in PG County? He should have obstained from the vote. Also, in committe this year, during a testimony, somehow his friend, Ex Delegate Mckee was brought up regarding his pension, while his serving time from Child Pornography, Senator Munson simply replied, “The Only Crime My Delegate Made was only looking at Child Porn”. Isn’t there something wrong with that? Or how about when he voted for Casa De Maryland, his response was, I didn’t understand the bill, and I pushed the wrong button by accident. Is this the type of a so called Republican you and we want representing our party? I thnk not. Having Don Munson in our MD GOP legislative body is not a way to get Maryland back on track by having a so called Republican voting for big spending, less liberties and continued taxation. He does not work well with my delegation in Washington County, but he does work well with Democrat John Donoghue out here and other leading Democrats in Annapolis, so I guess in closing, what I am asking is for you to investigate his claims of being a Republican and if you determine that he does not fall in line with that of a Republcan, and our Mission Statement and Goals and Vision, I would requesty you kindly ask him to renounce his membership in the party and to run as an affiliated Democrat and not Republican.  Email Maryland’s GOP Chair and share your thoughts on Senator Don Munson’s Liberal Values in our Party,

Hagerstown, MD 21742
“United We Stand, Together We Fall, Unity, Resistance”


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