Senate Candidate Chris Shank is the Man to Protect your Children and has the Track Record to prove it, Where is Senator Munson’s? He Doesn’t Have One

To the People Of District 2, when it comes to the protection of your Children, there is only one true candidate running for State Senate capable of doing this, Delegate and House Minority Whip, Christopher Shank.  He stands front and center when it comes to protecting your children, enforcing the strictest of sex offender laws, and is the Leading Candidate producing pro-active legislation to hold these animals accountable.  Where is Senator Don Munson on the issue?  Just ask his good friend who is serving time in a Federal Pen for exchanging and saving Child Pornography on his state issued computer while in Annapolis.  When Senator Munson was questioned during one Committee Hearing, Senator Munson stated that his good buddy, the Sex Offender Ex Delegate McKee, “The only crime my Delegate committed was only looking at Child Pornography”.  I don’t now about you, but I find these types of remarks down right disgusting and tasteless and disrespectful to those families who have been affected by Pedophilia.  If you want to guarantee that you will have a Senator from District 2 out there Protecting your children and families, then the choice is quite obvious, Senate Candidate, Christopher Shank.  Joan Harris, Director for Citizens for Jessica’s Law came out earlier this week endorsing Delegate Shank for District 2’s next Senator, and why shouldn’t they?  Senator Munson has never stood front and center when it has come to Sex Offender Laws and the Protections of your Children, only one man running for this Senate seat has.

From the President, Citizens for Jessica’s Law, Joan Harris

“Chris Shank was not only instrumental in the passage of Jessica’s Law but he has been a tireless advocate for the safety of our children.   Chris led the effort in closing the loophole in registration laws requiring sex offenders once hidden in our communities to register.  He authored and spearheaded the passing of landmark legislation requiring internet service providers to remove and report child pornography.  Chris’ dedication and his ability to work with EVERYONE at the table has made Maryland’s communities safer for our children”

Candidates begin to Compliment and Support Delegate Chris Shank for his Stance in protecting our future, our Children.

From Jim Woods, Candidate for Washington County Sheriff:

I wish to applaud Chris Shank, Delegate, for his strong stance on the protection of our children. I am proud of his willingness to take the forefront on this battle and stand on his beliefs. I stand with him the protection of our precious resource, our kids. I have spenfd a lifetime protecting mine and will stand with him to protect all our children.



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