Cecil Calvert Post’s Petition online for the Resignation of Senator Munson from the Republican Party

Senator Don Munson Petition to Step Down from Maryland s Republican Party

Description: This petition is being set up to send to the Maryland GOP and Chair Person, Ms. Audrey Scott. Republican Senator Munsonis no longer a Republican and has jeopardized the values and the creedof the party set forth within the guidelines of the Maryland Republican Party. Senator Munson has voted in favor of $1,000,000.00 Tax Dollars to Casa De Maryland for the renovation of the Historical Building Residing in Prince Georges County. Casa De Maryland knowingly andblatantly professes it s support for Illegal Aliens in Maryland, lobbysfor In State Tuition for Illegal Aliens, Drivers Licenses, Social Services, Section 8 Housing, Violations of said Housing Codes and promotes literature on their website on how to avoid being arrested. Some of Senator Munsons votes have sided completely with the Progressive Liberals in Maryland, for example, during Marylands Special Session, he voted for the Millionaires Tax Increase, Tobacco Increase, Speed Cameras, Governor O Malley Staff Pay Increases, He has voted with everyone of Governor OMalleys budgets which has led to the furloughing of state workers forcing a pay reduction. Senator Don Munson is also receiving campaign assistance from Senate President and Leading Democrat, Thomas V. Mike Miller, Senator Ulysses Currie who currently under Federal Investigation. He fought to keep the out of the Correctional Officers bill of rights, a representation of their own choosing forcing them to take on a union rep, Senator Don Munson, while bringing pork spending back to Washington County for the Museum, the Arts, the Library and Devils Backbone damn, failed to pull in fundingto fix the Williamsport Waste Treatment Facility. This facility is operating on 1 of 4 units. Should this unit fail, tons of toxic waste will flow down the river, forcing the waterman out of business and hurting their families. The list of the incompetence goes on, but this is just the beginning. It wasnt until Senator Munson was confronted with failing to sign the Peoples Tax Pledge that he finally did so. He secured 100,000 dollars from the State for Williamsport Mayor McCleaf (allegedly) ,to which they voted not to use this money and it has never been returned or accounted for its use (allegedly). Senator Munson was instrumental in getting a contract for a friend of his to do the DNR State Park Signs as a favor.  Senator Don Munson recently held a campaign fund raiser where numerous tickets were given away to many Democratic Supporters so their names would not have to be registered.  Senator Munson also took up for Governor O Malley when I had stated quite clearly the failure of his administration, to the point where Senator Munson stated that I hate O Malley and Mike Miller. They are Democrats, why should we/I have to like someone who has done nothing but hurt my family right in the wallet. Senator Don Munson was successful in stopping Delegate Shanks Tax Payer bill of rights whichwould have allowed Taxes to be voted on. He prevented Delegate Chris Shanks bill, The Healthcare Freedom Act which would have exempted Marylander s from having to pay into Obamacare and the fines associated with it if you did not take up the insurance. And lastly, Senator Don Munson was successful in fighting against the Minority Leaders Bill called the Glide Path Legislation which would have eased the burden on all Middle Class Families in Maryland over the next few years thanks to O Malley s mismanaged budget deficits. The Minority Leaders offered 800 million in cuts, in the end, only 19 million was cut. Senator Don Munson is rated last in the State House for a GOP er, that includes House of Delegates and Senate. What we have here is someone who isdressed up as a Republican, but votes with his cronies on the Left, not someone to stick with his party s values and creeds. His voting record is the proof in the pudding and it is time for Senator Munson to either Change Affiliations and step down from Marylands  GOP, or resign his seat in office. When you think of a Republican, you think of someone who creates jobs, lowers taxes, cuts the budgets, downsizes the government, reductions in pay, which would fall in line with state earnings, you also give up the golden parachute and put your retirement plan in line with the rest of the state workers. With Senator Munson in Office, you have a Democrat wearing a Republican disguise and this is a smack in the face to the rest of the republican voting base and abenedict arnold to the MD Gop.  Senator Munson never shows up at TeaParty Events, but you will find him with Sheriff and Democrat Doug Mullendore, Rino County Commissioner John Barr, Delegate John Donoghue and when your traveling around Annapolis during Assembly, you will often find him not with his Republican peers, but with his Democratic Buddies. This petition is designed to bring forth educational material to those who do not understand the true meaning of  RINO and a Republican in Disguise, no my friends, what I have outlined for you is a Progressive Democrat. Make no mistake about it folks, when it comes to party affiliation, Don The Democrat Munson has your best interest in heart, just ask your local taxman.


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