Cecil Calvert ask’s MD GOP Chair, Audrey Scott to ask Senator Don Munson to resign from the Party

I will go into detail later, but I wanted to let everyone know, based on the continued efforts of one Don Munson to separate himself from the MD GOP and continue to vote as a Dem against his own party, especially when it comes to Taxes and the Budget and his efforts to support Casa De Maryland.  Senator Munson has embarrassed the party and is last in Conservative Voting among his caucus.  It is time for Senator Munson to step away from the GOP and run as his true calling, A Liberal.  I am calling on all my friends to petition the MD GOP and ask for his resignation.  If you need a voting record to prove the point, I can point you in the right direction.  It is time for the lies and status quo turncoats to be ousted from the party.  They are a blockade in our efforts to fix what is wrong with Annapolis.

Audrey Scott

chairman@mdgop.com My apologies as I had provided an incorrect email address.

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