It just never ends ! ……………… FW: adoption/immigration fraud

From a Friend

I just got this one today. It seems like there is no end to the ways to abuse our very sloppy and never enforced immigration system.

Whether it is using VAWA or adoption or anchor babies thousands of illegal aliens pout into this country every year. And these people are not poor Hispanics coming to pick fruit and vegetables like the media would like to portray.

Please feel free to pass this around and share it with all your contacts.

(I have redacted the gentleman’s name, address, and telephone number)

Victims of Immigraton Fraud (Walkersville, MD)

Received Wednesday August 11, 2010

I have been affected by this firsthand. The children that came here to go to school were the children of my two Korean sister-in-laws. A total of three children ages 8,11,14 when they arrived in 2005 on visitation visas. My spouse at the time was attempting to secure student visa’s and sponsorship from eligible schools in the Denver area. Realizing that the costs of these schools was extraordinary, she found throught the Korean community of another way to allow these children to stay here. My spouse learned of other Koreans in the Denver area that had performed kinship adoptions so that the children could stay, and allowing the caretakers of the children to receive financial support from the birth parents. This is a fairly common practice apparently based on statments of my former spouse. My spouse asked me if i would be willing to adopt the children so they could stay here and go to school. I initially agreed as I did not mind having the children here and was unaware of any illegal activity.

My spouse obtained the service of a local Korean Attorney, Matthew Park & Associates. This attorney was practicing in the Los Angeles, Denver, and Maryland communities at the time. My spouse & I perfromed the required fingerprinting, background, and Home Study for the adoption. My spouse also worked with the attorney and her sisters to provide any paperwork needed. When the time came for me to sign adoption paperwork and affidavits at the attorneys office, I refused. The affidavits that they were requiring me to sign stated that we had no contact with the birth parents and received no financial support from them. These statements were completely false and I refused to sign them. I explained to the attorneys and my spouse that this was illegal, perjury and fraudulent that I wanted no part of it. I want the children to remain here in the U.S. but it has to be legal. My spouse and attorneys tried to convince me that it was O.K., that they do it all the time, and nothing will happen etc. I still refused and we left the attorneys office. I continued the conversation with my spouse exlpaining that she need to work on gettting the children a student visa or whatever visa is required for them to stay here legally and thats were I left it in her hands.

Months went by, every now and then I asked how the student visas were coming along. Everytime she said they wer working on them or they were going fine. One afternoon I picked up the mail and noticed three officially looking letters from the state of Colorado addressed to my spouse. I opened the first one to realize it was a U.S. birth certificate with one of the childs name on it and my spouse listed as the birth mother. I opened the remaining to find the same. I confronted my spouse as I had an erie feeling that she had just done something illegal. She confirmed that she had in fact proceeded with the adoption.

At the time of this adoption I was in the hiring process for the U.S. Border Patrol. A life long dream of becoming a federal law enforcement agent. My heart was in my throat, I didn’t know what to do. I knew I needed to get away from this women as I relaized she would be willing to do anything for money. The only real fear was that we had a young child together and that she might take him and flee so I had to play nice. Eventually the time came for me to report to the Federal Law Enforcment Training Center in New Mexico. I had been talking with my best friend regarding my situation regarding the adoption and immigration fraud committed by my spouse and her attorneys. Even though I had not participated in the illegal activity, the fear of being under suspicion or even made an example of by the "guilt by association" rule was overwhelming. I finally had achieved what I had been trying for over the past two years and now it was in jeapardy. The advice from my best friend, and the fact that we were reviewing agent misconduct, ethics training and the disgrace of the badge conducted by corrupt agents, I had no other choice but to resign.

My spouse and I eventually separated and I could no longer trust her. The birth mothers of the children continue to come to Colorado and live with them for up to six months at a time. The birth parents continue to send my ex-spouse thousands of dollars monthly to support the children and my ex-spouse. The children now have resident alien cards and maybe even U.S. citizenship.

This form of adoption & immigration fraud is known throughout the Korean Community in the Denver Metro Area and the fact that the attorney was practicing in other states I would be hard pressed to think that this is not going on throughout the U.S. This is the perfect crime as state adoption records are sealed and there are no victims to come forward other than the U.S. taxpayers. Koreans send their children here to take advantage of our public schools, using grants and scholorship money to go to our colleges meanwhile the caretakers and attorneys make thousands.


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