Citizens For Jessica’s Law Endorses Delegate Chris Shank as the next Senator from District 2

For Immediate Release

August 10, 2010

Boonsboro – Citizens for Jessica’s Law, the grassroots organization that has pushed for the passing of stricter sentences and closer monitoring of child sex offenders, has endorsed Chris Shank for State Senate in District 2.

“Chris Shank was not only instrumental in the passage of Jessica’s Law but he has been a tireless advocate for the safety of our children,” said Joan Harris, President of Citizens for Jessica’s Law. “Chris led the effort in closing the loophole in registration laws requiring sex offenders once hidden in our communities to register. He authored and spearheaded the passing of landmark legislation requiring internet service providers to remove and report child pornography. Chris’ dedication and his ability to work with everyone at the table has made Maryland’s communities safer for our children.”

“I am very grateful to have the support of an organization like Citizens for Jessica’s Law,” said Shank. “This committed group of citizens demanded that Annapolis take the safety of our children seriously. They are a great example of how everyday citizens can get involved in the legislative process and become a force to be reckoned with. I am honored to have their support.”

During his tenure in the House of Delegates, Chris Shank has been a proven leader in protecting Maryland’s families. To learn more about Chris Shank and his campaign for the State Senate, visit



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