Shank For State Senate’s Key Issues, Protecting Families, Fiscal Responsibility, Immigration

Is there any reason not to vote for Chris Shank?  A man of principle, A man of the Family and People first mentality.  No, there is no doubt in my mind who should be representing my needs in Annapolis, it’s Chris Shank, the True Conservative, one who will not sell off his vote to the Devil, Mike Miller, no my friends, Chris Shank is there to help you, not take from you, something Don Munson has forgotten all about, that the People Come First and favors come last.  It’s time for Ole Don to go into retirement where he belongs.  I will be more than willing to help him move out of the Miller Senate Building in January.


Jessica’s Law

By far one of the most arduous journeys in the recent history of the General Assembly was the passage of Jessica’s Law.  The legislation provides mandatory minimums without the possibility of parole for those who commit heinous acts against children.

The odds were stacked against the bill from the start.   Political spectators thought it couldn’t be done.  The criminal defense attorneys mobilized against it – including the chairmen of the committees that heard and debated the bills.  But the citizens united and brought a tremendous amount of grassroots pressure to bear.

It took several years – several bills over several sessions and a tremendous about of working across the aisle, but it finally came to be.  Now these predators that prey on innocent children will be in prison and not on our streets.

Justice’s Law

Justice Christopher Calvin Myers-Cannon was a beautiful baby boy.  He had bright blue eyes and a mischievous smile as if he knew something no one else did.  He was adored by his family – a family whose world was turned upside down when at just 4 ½ months old Justice was violently shaken and killed by a man named Floyd Bingaman.  The abuse caused massive head trauma—a doctor at the hospital said it was the worst injury from a shaken baby he had ever seen.

Floyd Bingaman was only convicted of with first degree child abuse and involuntary manslaughter and will be eligible for parole in only fifteen years.  Think about that for a moment.  Fifteen years.  Fifteen years from now Justice would have been getting his first job and thinking about getting his driver’s license, but instead the man who murdered him could be released from prison.

Unfortunately, cases like Justice’s are not uncommon in Maryland.  In a 30 month period between 2004 and 2006, 13 individuals were convicted of first degree child abuse with death of the victim, and yet Maryland’s laws punishing abusers who kill a child are remarkably lax.

This cannot be tolerated any longer.  That is why I have introduced and will continue to push for the passage of Justice’s Law.  This bill would allow prosecutors to seek a life sentence for cases where child abuse results in the death of the young victim.

Closing Loopholes in Sex Offender Registration

For years, individuals who had molested children decades before, but had not been convicted until much later, had been going unnoticed.  They were benefitting from a loophole in the sex offender registry law.   They were hidden in plain sight as part of our communities, living near our churches, our schools…our children.

I introduced legislation to close this loophole and these sex offenders are now required to register.

Domestic Violence

No one can know the fear and intimidation that victims of domestic violence experience.  It can often have a deeper impact than the actual physical abuse.  When a victim of domestic violence has been able to break away from their abuser, the community has a responsibility to protect them.

I proposed and saw the successful passage of legislation that allows victims of domestic violence to create an alternate mailing address to receive mail, pay their bills, and conduct other personal business without the risk of being tracked down by their abusers.

I also created a pilot program in Washington County where abusers who violate protective orders must wear GPS ankle bracelets.  If the abuser comes to close, both the victim and law enforcement are immediately notified.  This bill gives law enforcement an additional tool to protect victims of domestic violence and their families.

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Taxes and Spending

For as long as I have served in Annapolis, I have always worked under the belief that the government should spend your money the way you would spend it.  It must be spent carefully and responsibly.  What seems obvious to me is lost on the majority of representatives in Annapolis who simply cannot control their appetite for spending.

Governor O’Malley is already making spending promises on the campaign trail.  With billions in deficits projected well into the next four years, is there any question of how he intends to pay for it?  The answer is very simple: by taking more of your hard earned money.

Some politicians believe that it is important to “bring home the bacon” for their district.  They will tell you that the money is going to be spent anyway, so everyone should get their share.

I believe the best way to ensure that your district gets its fair share, is to let them keep their money in the first place by ending the chronic overspending and cutting taxes!

It is not enough to simply oppose the tax and spend mentality in Annapolis.  You have to offer solutions.  During the 2010 legislative session, I along with my colleagues in the House Republican Caucus offered a comprehensive plan to reduce Maryland’s budget and gradually repeal the O’Malley tax increases.  This was one of many budget alternatives we offered over the last four years.

Unfortunately, this plan was rejected and in its place we have another budget full of one-time fixes and gimmicks, such as employee furloughs.  Moreover, the budget solidified over $6 billion in deficits through 2015.  That translates into $2,858 per Maryland family.  Tax increases are coming if state spending is not reigned in.


I believe that government should never stray from remembering who employs us: the people.  I believe that much of our out-of-control spending comes from the fact that we simply have not made our government as accountable to the public as we should have.

That is why I strongly support a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.  Such legislation would cap spending and ensure that tax increases be supported by referendums from the voters.  Such a law would do much to help bring our budgetary process out of the shadows and would require that arguments for and against increasing taxes be fully and fairly fleshed out before the taxpayers.

Jobs and the Economy

Over the last four years Maryland’s business climate ranking has dropped to 45th in the nation.  The numbers are profound.

In the last year alone, over 3,000 small businesses have left the state or closed.  Not a month goes by without an announcement that yet another corporation plans to close a factory, plant, or distribution center.   Other corporations completely bypass Maryland when looking to expand or set up a new headquarters.

Washington County’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the state, over 10%.  We cannot afford to lose any more jobs.   Maryland’s businesses need relief from this state’s oppressive tax burden.

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The United States is a country of immigrants.    For hundreds of years this country has been the beacon of hope for those escaping religious intolerance, racism, fascism, communism, totalitarian regimes.

Many of us can count back just a few generations in our own families to that one individual who left all that was familiar and traveled so far to seek a better life.  Immigrants have made this country what it is.

However, illegal immigration is a threat to our security.  The failure of the federal government to enforce immigration laws and adequately protect our borders has made it necessary for state governments to take action.   States deal daily with the impacts of illegal immigration and are within their sovereign rights to take action.

I fully support Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and will introduce similar legislation here in Maryland. Martin O’Malley has said Maryland cannot afford to pass such a law, I say we cannot afford not to.


Keeping government accountable is more than simply score of dollars and cents.  It is also about insuring that the government does not inadvertently assist in breaking the law.  State procurement contracts deal with private companies, some of whom knowingly or unintentionally have hired illegal immigrants.

I support legislation that would require all businesses that contract with the state use the Federal E-Verify program to insure they were not employing illegal labor.

This legislation will prevent those businesses employing illegal immigrants from doing business with the state.

Deportation of Incarcerated Illegal Immigrants

During the 2010 Legislative Session, I sponsored a bill that would require local jails and the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to work with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport immigrants who are incarcerated.

Once an illegal immigrant has completed his sentence or is paroled – he should be deported.

CASA de Maryland

Organizations that encourage lawbreaking should be punished, not rewarded.  This may seem like an obvious statement, but for years Maryland government has been using your tax dollars to fund CASA de Maryland – an organization that specifically aids and abets illegal immigrants and actively works to undermine agencies that enforce federal immigration law.

CASA de Maryland is blatant and unapologetic about their activities and services.  The agreement form to participate in their Job Locator Service specifically states that they do not “participate in the verification of documents for employment”.

CASA de Maryland also distributes a publication entitled “Warning Protect yourself from Immigration Raids” counseling illegal immigrants on what to do in case of an ICE raid.

CASA de Maryland has been extremely active in Annapolis testifying against Real ID, and many other sensible immigration reforms.  They have also led many protests in Washington calling for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Organizations like CASA de Maryland that willfully and knowingly break our laws should not receive a dime of taxpayer money!

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