Maryland Senator Ulysses S. Currie, Under Investigation, Offers Support and Praise to RINO Senator Donald Munson

Wow, that’s all I can say, Wow.  Let me explain the wow factor.  First off, when you read this, you’re going to think to yourself, boy, Senator Donald Munson has done a really great job working in our State House over the past year on the Budget and Taxation Committee, but first you need to understand the Farce of it all.  In this past Assembly, The Democratic Leadership failed to cut the budget in order to help Maryland become more fiscally responsible, in fact, Maryland’s GOP State House Leaders had offered what was called, Glide Path Legislation, that would have cut more than 800 million in Spending, Projects that don’t work, etc., you get the idea, as it has been discussed many times.  The bill was offered up by the 4 minority leaders in Annapolis, Senator Nancy Jacobs and Kittleman, Delegates, Tony O’Donnell and Chris Shank.  This bill would have alleviated undo stress on the Maryland Tax Payers over the next few years until Maryland revenues become more solvent and less reliance on the Federal Government.  To put this in more perspective, stimulus 2, which would have plugged the Gap in Maryland’s Medicaid insurance will now go unfunded, we will not be getting the money we counted on.  The Budget and Taxation Committee has to find another means to plug that gap.  That, my friends is 389 million in gap.  So, it appears that the committee did not do its due diligence in calculating for emergencies, such as this.  Slots is going to get started this year, but that is hardly going to cut into the Fiscal mess Maryland is in.  The Democrats in Maryland’s Statehouse, along with Governor O’Malley, dealt with the Structural Deficits by taking funds from other programs and projects to help balance the budget.  So to put it nicely, the Dems screwed up again.  Instead of helping the common middle class worker in Maryland and our Families, the Dems only cut about 19 million dollars, that’s right folks, 19 million dollars.  Hardly a drop in the bucket in today’s economy.  These transfer’s are a band aid, a short-term fix, not a solution as the 4 minority leaders had put forth.  One of the main characters in making sure that the Dems Budget got passed was one, dare I say, again, Senator Don Munson, a so-called Republican.  That’s right my friends of District 2, your Senator secured the budget by working with the Dems, not with his own party, he was a main factor for helping to shot down the Repubs budget suggestions which would have added a long-term solution, not a fix.  Senator Munson made sure of this.  By doing so, he wang dangled his way around like a snake oil salesman to bring pork spending back to Washington County, after all, he feels that is what we want, more tax dollars for our county to spend.  Hog wash, we don’t want more money to spend, more tax dollars to spend,  more funding of special projects to friends and special interest groups to towns such as Williamsport, where the Mayor is benefiting from his friendship with Senator Munson, no, what we want, less spending, downsizing the State Government, less taxes, job creation, business’ moving back to Maryland, the creation of Industry.  Well, with Senator Don Munson at the helm in District 2, you are not going to get what you want, in fact, just the opposite, more spending, higher taxes, more waste with tax dollars.  After all, while we have a Waste Treatment Facility on the brink of breaking down, our Senator gets tax dollars in Annapolis for museums, the arts and library.  Yup, never mind the fact should the Treatment Facility breakdown, all that waste would funnel on down the river, killing the fish and it’s inhabitants, and affecting the waterman’s way of life.

Next on the Agenda, The Correctional Officer’s Bill of Rights.  Senator Munson, working with his Democratic Friends in Maryland’s state house did not think or find it necessary to allow these officers to have their own representation in affairs that would affect their jobs, on the firing line, accusations, etc.  No, Senator Munson feels like they should be represented by the unions, and unions only.  This is ludicrous, when one is accused of misdoings or their job is on the line, they should be able to obtain whomever they want to represent their best interests.  Not a nickel and dime Union Rep.  So that leads me to the attachment in this blog posting.  In a letter dated to Senator Don Munson, from Democratic Senator Ulysses Currie, PG County, that’s right folks, PG County, you know, where the Million Dollar vote by Munson went to Casa De Maryland for their renovated building (smell fishy?), who by the way is under federal investigation for his own wrong doings, offers his undying support to Senator Munson and praises him over and over again for such hard work on the budget.  In closing in the letter, Senator Currie goes as far as to offer his support of assistance to one Senator Munson on his campaign and to just pick up the phone and give a ring.

I have said all along that Senator Munson was a RINO and a RINO he is.  He has consistently assisted the Democrats in Annapolis to push through their agenda and has refused to work with his own party on matters that affect you right where it hurts you most, in your wallet.  Does anyone remember this name, Wayne Gilchrest?  I bet you do, especially if you are a Republican, after all, this was a man who consistently worked with the Dems to undermine his own party.  This is like looking in the mirror, except this time it comes from a 30 year veteran of Annapolis who has allowed himself to become a patsy to the left.  Supporting and pushing through Liberal Legislation, promoting it while smacking the GOP in Maryland right in the face.  Senator Munson has become the Benedict Arnold of Maryland.  First we had Gilchrest, now we have Munson.

A refresher on some of Don Munson’s outstanding votes:

Millionaires Tax Increase, Speed Cameras, Governor O’Malley staff members to receive pay raises, has voted with Governor O’Malleys budgets, Promoted the Liberals Correctional Officers Bill of Rights, consistently voting outside of his own party.  There is so much more.  It just goes on and on and on.  Did you ever wonder to yourself, Why didn’t the DNC in Maryland put up a Primary Opponent in District 2?  Why is there to be no Democrat in the General Election for District 2?  Why should they, they already have their man in Senator Munson, the most Liberal Republican in the State of Maryland.  Honestly, this is no Republican, but a Democrat and he should switch parties so he no longer has to be an outcast in the MDGOP.  After all, after speaking with many members of the MDGOP, they would love nothing more than to see Ole Don go into retirement.  There is only one choice in this Election for District 2 Senator, Delegate Chris Shank, a proven Conservative who is unwilling to sell his vote for his own bills, a man you can call upon whenever in need, and yes folks, he will actually get right back to you, Don Munson likes to use excuses, like, I am sorry, we had a problem with our Phone, or our Computers, or the biggest gaffe of all, Ooops, I pushed the wrong button.  I don’t have to sit here and pimp Delegate Shank for Senator, he already has the support of the Party, support from future Governor Ehrlich, stating, Chris is one of the Hot Young Stars in our State House and has a great future a head of him.  No folks, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and the pudding is muddied up by a Democrat in a Republican’s disguise, a turn coat, a Benedict Arnold, or however you want to phrase it.  What we have here is a failure to communicate and for our District to move forward instead of moving backwards, we need Delegate Shank as our next Senator, no question’s asked and for one Ole Rino to take his place in the Retirement Communities of Washington County.

I did forget to add one little tid bit, Senator Munson held a fund raiser not to long ago with some very prominent Democrats in Attendance, however, he had a very difficult time selling tickets, the event was already paid for and provided for by Munson’s friends, but in an attempt to recoup any of the money, they failed, in fact, the had to give away tickets for people to come.  That my friends is people opening their eyes to the true failures of one Don Munson and he does have some pretty ugly campaign signs, they look like they are straight out of a copy and paste workshop.

Senator Currie offers Support and Praise.


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