RINO Senator Don Munson Receiving Campaign Assistance (funding?) from Democrat Mike Miller and Ulysses Currie – Don’t Let This Benedict Arnold Win the GOP Senate Seat for District 2

Here is a news letter that I received from House of Delegates, Chris Shank, in it, you will see where he accuses RINO Senator of receiving Campaign Assistance (donations?) from Maryland State Senate President Mike Miller and Ulysses Currie.  This is a disgrace and a smack in the face to the GOP and this type of behavior must be put to a stop.  Isn’t it bad enough that RINO Senator has voted to raise our taxes, give Casa De Maryland Money, Chased Business’s and Jobs out of Maryland and now smacks the GOP right where it hurts.  This is an outrage and everyone needs to pump donations in to Del Shank’s campaign so we can guarantee a seat with a true Conservative and a Man of the People.  He never puts politics before the voter, he works hard to incorporate what you need and will always be there when you call upon him.

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