Help Save Maryland – Further Evidence AZ Will Prevail; CASA Watch – A MUST READ

Subject: Help Save Maryland – Further Evidence AZ Will Prevail; CASA Watch – A MUST READ

The piece below should dampen the festivities underway by radical Hispanic legislators, Illegal Alien support groups (La Raza, CASA of Maryland, SEIU, ACLU), lawbreaking illegal aliens and their pandering politicians/Justice Dept lawyers.

Arizona and the American people will prevail. No Amnesty! Enforce the Law! Free right of passage to all illegal aliens and their families who want to return home without fear of arrest and incarceration.

Arizona can prevail on immigration law

By Michael Hethmon, Special to CNN 7/30/10


  • Judge’s ruling treated as big defeat for Arizona immigration law, says Michael Hethmon
  • He says the claims are overblown and much of the law has gone into effect
  • He says judge’s ruling gave state some avenues for appeal and ways to amend the bill
  • Hethmon: Ruling won’t stop other states from passing similar legislation

Editor’s note: Michael Hethmon is a public interest lawyer and general counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the legal affiliate of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. He helped draft Arizona’s SB 1070, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.

Washington (CNN)


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