The Arizona Bill – A message from Bay Buchanan

Subject: The Arizona Bill – A message from Bay Buchanan

United Patriots of America

The following E- mail is from Bay Buchanan at Team America

The Arizona Bill – A message from Bay Buchanan
Dear Friends,

A liberal activist judge issued an injunction against the key aspect of Arizona’s SB 1070. Officers will not be allowed to check for the legal status of people they encounter during lawful contact, legal immigrants will not be required to carry their immigration papers, and illegal aliens will be allowed to solicit work in public.

According to Judge Susan Bolton: “There is a substantial likelihood that officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens under the new (law).” This is in spite of many safeguards to protect legal residents and against racial profiling in the law.

Obama and his cronies know that if the law were enacted, none of these “potential” violations will occur, so they decided to block the democratic will of the people of Arizona before the public sees that the law will work.

Let’s be honest.. Obama doesn’t want immigration laws enforced–not by the feds and not by the states. It is his open-border policy that he is imposing on this country against the law and against the will of the people.

But judges are supposed to uphold our laws, not prevent them from being enforced. It is outrageous that Arizona is not allowed to protect its citizens!

I can promise you that those of us at Team America will not rest until our laws are enforced and borders are secured. We will be working with Russell Pearce and our other friends in Arizona to fight this travesty–all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Keep the faith, and I will keep you up to date as this develops.
Bay Buchanan

Ron Bass
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