Montgomery County Council Continues to Support Illegal Alien Funding for Casa De Maryland

A  few week’s ago, I contacted the Montgomery County Council on there continued Funding and Support for Casa De Maryland and requested them to stop because Casa De Maryland blatantly breaks our Laws by assisting Illegal Aliens to receive Social Services, Driver’s License’s, and other funding.  Here is their response:

Montgomery County Council

to me

show details 6:41 PM (15 minutes ago)

Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

Thank you for your correspondence regarding immigration and Casa de Maryland.  I distributed your correspondence to Councilmembers when I received it. I apologize in the delay in getting back to you.

As you know, immigration is a federal responsibility. In Montgomery County, our intent is to take the situations that exist and work to make conditions the best possible for all residents of our County.

In regard to Casa de Maryland: This group provides a wide variety of functions that benefit the County and its residents, and we believe Casa de Maryland can provide these services more efficiently than can general County government. Provision of these services is why the County elects to help fund this organization.

Thanks for making your views known.


Nancy Floreen

Council President


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