Hillary Clinton Was Right

Subject: Hillary Clinton Was Right


Hillary Clinton Was Right.

Dear jeffrey, This is a hard thing for us to do. We hate to say it, but… Hillary Clinton was right. She was right about Barack Obama. She was right when she said that he wasn’t ready to act in a time of crisis; that he didn’t have what it took to do the job; that he wasn’t ready to be President. It hurts to say it, but Hillary Clinton was right, and if we’re going to acknowledge that, then we also have to understand that to stop this part-time president from doing further harm to our country, we can’t wait until November. We have to start now.

Are you ready? Then go to NovemberStartsNow.com and pledge your name to victory in November. If you make that commitment, then we’ll make sure that you have the opportunity to do your part. And after you’ve signed up, forward this email to your friends, and tell them how important it is to make a stand against the Obama Administration. Don’t hesitate: take action today at NovemberStartsNow.com.

Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee


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