Washington County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs Candidates Night Out

Subject: Washington County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs Candidates Night Out

WCFSC Sponsors 2010 Candidate Forum

The Washington County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs will sponsor a meet the candidates’ night on July 27, 2010 starting at 6:00 PM. {Rain date 7-29-10}. This event will be hosted by the Potomac Fish & Game Club. PF&G is located off Speilman Rd., at the end of Falling Waters Road, where it meets the Potomac River, south of Williamsport Maryland. This will be the only event sponsored by the WCFSC during this election season that our membership, sports community, friends, neighbors, and all County, State, and District Federal Candidates will attend at the same time.

Sportspeople, like Politicians, have a tendency to travel within their own circle of friends and supporters. This event will give an opportunity to widen both the public and politician’s loop of acquaintances, and provide an opportunity for each to better understand what each expects of the other. Through the years it’s become increasingly necessary that we sportspeople become more involved within the political atmosphere of our Towns, County, State and Nation. With our constant pursuit to maintain our God-given rights as described in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States, we now more than ever must truly identify and positively know our elected representatives prior to electing them. We can no longer depend on a margin of error. We must elect representatives who will have the integrity and courage to support their constituents’ wishes once in office. Our freedoms depend on voter education and numbers. This event will help serve that mission. We as responsible citizens must influence voters who possibly have never been to the polls before. The days of politicians who ignore voters that put them in office must become a thing of the past.

All candidates are being invited as they continue to file for office. A questionnaire is included with their invitations. Those questions will help the WCFSC determine who will best represent our interests not only as sportsmen, but all tax paying citizens. Our overall desire is to produce a group of candidates who not only best represent sportspeople, but also our friends, neighbors and general population. Our publicized endorsements we hope will be of great value to all voters of all parties.

NOTE: This event is open and free to everyone of VOTING age. CANDIDATES, your completed and signed questionnaire is your TICKET in, and a must to participate. Your questionnaire will be collected by a member of the PF&G security staff at the entrance gate. Your name will then be placed on our list for your later public introduction. There will be two guest speakers. Theirs will be the only speeches of the evening. Dress is casual. No Ties. We’ll be there to get to know each other, talk politics, and in general have a good time at a great location. A “lite” BBQ type meal will be available at a less than a fast food price. There will be a cash bar for soft and adult drinks. We will also have a 50/50, and games of chance. ALL profits again will go toward publishing our after primary endorsements.

Best regards,

President Ray Givens, Officers, & BOD, WCFSC.


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