More Health Care Spin from the State of Maryland

Subject: More Health Care Spin from the State of Maryland


The Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, and the Salisbury Daily Times reported yesterday on findings from the Maryland Health Care Reform Coordinating Council. According to this O’Malley-appointed commission, the state of Maryland will “save” $800 million and insure 300,000 more citizens thanks to greater federal spending. We can expect this type of bunk to be published by various groups over the next few years for political reasons.

One of the items under-reported by the media is that the Maryland Health Care Reform Coordinating Council is nothing more than an appointed group of politicians, bureaucrats, and O’Malley administration officials. They have a vested political interest to positively spin the most unpopular policy in decades. AFP-Maryland’s April poll found that voters in Maryland’s swing 1st Congressional District viewed Obamacare very unfavorably. The MHCRCC, chaired by Lt. Gov Anthony Brown, is trying to make the politicians look good at the expense of the public.

Another fact about government commissions: they have terrible track records. In 1965, the federal government actuary predicted the newly enacted Medicare Part A program would only cost $9 billion annually by 1990 – the actual cost was $65 billion. We all know you can’t get something for nothing – so how does adding more than 300,000 to the insurance rolls cut costs? The answer: it doesn’t.

The same crowd who supported a government takeover of our health care, want to try to repackage and resell it to the American public. It didn’t work the first 5 times, so they continue to persuade us that more government intervention and more spending is what we need. They think that eventually Americans will come to realize that the government will take care of everything from cradle to grave.

We must fight back!

We need to respond to these newspaper reports by writing letters-to-the-editor. Make sure you include the following when you respond to the article “Md. Could save $829M under health care reform”:

  • the Maryland Health Care Reform Coordinating Council is nothing more than political appointees who have a vested interest in positively spinning a terrible piece of legislation
  • even after the liberal rebranding of Obamacare, recent opinion polls show the public still does not want a government take over of health care (feel free to cite our poll)
  • government commissions have terrible track records predicting program costs – the health care bill will force tax hikes, increase government spending, and take away our personal freedoms

CLICK ON the following newspapers to send a letter:


Md. could save $829 million under health care law

Only hope could be Uncle Sam handout

Goldman reveals where bailout cash went…


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