Campaign Signs, How do you feel about them?

Well, since we are getting close to the election and it is moving in on us rather quickly, I thought I would write a little piece about Campaign Signs, what do they accomplish, how do you feel about certain locations, and whether you don’t mind people and business’s putting up signs for Democrats and Republicans together.

Let’s start with the later first.  In Washington County, I have recently noticed quite a few Sheriff Doug Mullendore signs on properties and business’s that are being placed with Republican Signs, the Sheriff in fact is a Democrat.  I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I did send the Sheriff an email, and it basically goes something like this.  Dear Sheriff, did you know that you have your signs with Republican Candidates that are not supporting your campaign and it is blocking their signs?  Did you obtain permission from those candidates and from the business to put your sign with them?

So, I have notified the candidates who signs were being affected and the Sheriff’s Candidate, Jim Woods who is running against him.  I find this highly unethical, and I still have not received a response back from the Sheriff.  He is also doing some things on County Tax Payer time that I will be questioning him on as well, such as Deputies going around the County putting up Sheriff Mullendore sign, allegedly.  Again, what permission do you have to put up signs, taking time away for the Citizens of Washington County and using County property, IE, Patrol Cars to do so?  So, that leads me to the question, how do you feel about your Candidate(s) sign being mixed in with someone you do not support and who is part of a different affiliation?  Do you find this misleading to the Voter since most of the signs nowadays does not promote party affiliation, but the person only?  If you were just new to the County and you saw these signs mixed in together, you would have no idea who is supporting who, if at all, and what party affiliation they are part of.  To me, Sheriff Mullendore, should be putting his signs in a separate location and not putting them with Republican Candidates.  I don’t know the laws per say on Campaign signs, but to me, it’s just not ethical and it most certainly is Politically Incorrect.

So you see a sign promoting a Candidate, what does the sign mean to you?  Does it accomplish its goal of getting you interested in the Candidate?  Do you remember the name come voting time?  How about researching.  Do you find yourself looking up the Candidate to see their accomplishments and party they belong to?  I, for one, always take notice of the signs and do some research on the Candidate.  It is very important to become familiar with someone you may vote for, not because the are a D or an R, but because you want to know if the Candidate is going to be worthy of your vote, what you believe in, are they truly part of the community or are they just looking to move forward in their political agendas?  I think by now, we all know why Maryland is such a blue state, I think it mostly comes from being programmed as a child through your parents to accept the party affiliation of your parents, therefore, since most of Maryland has always been a Blue Dog, there is no sense in voting for an Elephant, right? Oh, but that is wrong, let me explain.  I grew up the child of a very Democratic family, but as I got older and learned more about politics, I eventually switched over to Republican because their values are the values and goals I set for myself.  So when I look at a Candidates name now, I thoroughly research the Candidate, after all, in the day and age of Obama looking over your shoulder and taking away you’re Liberties, it probably is a good idea to do a little research first so you don’t end up voting for someone who is taking away from your quality of life, if you believe in your values.

Now, here is another question for you.  Does it matter to you where signs are located?  Do you like them away from business’s, on business corners, on your property, on billboards, or any other choice?  Me, I like to see them away from Business’s but I understand why they do it.  There is a lot of traffic in and out of the location and having support from business’s can be good for the campaign.  I also like it when some campaigns use billboards, they can be unique in itself.

Anyways, that was just some random thoughts for the day regarding campaign signs.  Feel free to share your opinions.

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