SELLOUT: Musings From Uncle Tom’s Porch Now Available for Pre-Order!

Subject: SELLOUT: Musings From Uncle Tom’s Porch Now Available for Pre-Order!

I am so proud of my friend Ron Miller, he was on Fox and Friends yesterday morning and looked like he could be President. Way to go Ron!!!!

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SELLOUT: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch Now available for pre-order!

Dear Jeff,

I have great news! My new book, SELLOUT: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch, is available for pre-order. We will be ordering our first shipment this week, and we want you to be in on the action! Here’s how it works!

Sellout: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch – Race in America from "a contrarian black man"
Sellout Book CoverThis book is a personal, political, philosophical, and ultimately spiritual account of race in America from the perspective of "a contrarian black man" — namely, me. Its release seems particularly timely in light of the racial tensions of the past couple of weeks and, while this book challenges old assumptions and solutions, it offers a path to redemption and reconciliation for all Americans.
To pre-order, click here and select the order button. You may pay by credit card or use your PayPal account. Order by July 28th, the date we place our first order; the first 500 copies will be personally autographed by me!
Ron Miller on Fox and Friends!
In case you didn’t catch it, I made an appearance yesterday on Fox and Friends as the executive director of Regular Folks United. Thanks to everyone who watched it and sent their compliments my way. The journey is just beginning. Thank you for your support!
Click here to watch the video!
Thank you!
To my supporters old and new, thank you for your continued support and loyalty despite the difficult decision I made this past spring to end my campaign for the Maryland Senate. I’ve received so many messages of encouragement and offers of prayer that I’m humbled and overwhelmed by your grace. Your kindness has kept my spirits high. With everything that’s happening in my life today, the job loss may have opened the door to greater things. Whatever the outcome, I give glory to God!

Although I cannot present myself to you as an active candidate, I still intend to write and speak out on behalf of life, liberty and prosperity for our state and our nation. These are critical times, and I cannot be silent when who we are as Americans is at stake. Together, we can reestablish the values and institutions that made America the greatest, most generous, and most freedom-loving nation the world has ever seen. Stay the course and do not grow weary in doing good – harvest season is coming!

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Sellout: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch
Ron Miller on Fox and Friends!
Thank you!
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