Rutledge for US Senate Gaining Strong Support amongst Republicans – Viewed as choice of the Party

Poll Shows Maryland Republicans Favor Jim Rutledge

Rutledge for Senate Campaign Gaining Momentum

FOREST HILL, Maryland- U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Rutledge is considered the most viable candidate to lead the Republican Party in November based on the latest polling data. A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling and released on July 14th indicates that Maryland voters believe that Jim Rutledge would be the strongest candidate to face Barbara Mikulski. Jim Rutledge stated, “I’m encouraged by the poll results which reflect that our citizen-driven campaign is gaining momentum. Voters are engaging on the issues, taking a hard look at the people behind the candidacy, and are rejecting shallow retail politics.”

The Rutledge for Senate Campaign believes the poll provides more proof that Jim Rutledge is the right candidate to take on Barbara Mikulski and her liberal Washington agenda.  This poll contradicts the questionable attempts of the Wargotz Campaign to stand aloof from the field.  Actions by Eric Wargotz and his campaign continue to raise serious questions. Americans are being forced to pay off billions in new debt because of the mismanagement and wrongdoing of those who ran our financial institutions.  At a time when the people are demanding bold leaders who will reject the big money culture of Washington, the Wargotz Campaign accepted $4,800 from Leland Brendsel, the former CEO of Freddie Mac who paid millions in penalties imposed by the Office of Federal Housing Oversight in connection with an investigation of his mismanagement of Freddie Mac.

Jim Rutledge said, “I’ve wondered why Wargotz never shows up at a debate but if I had his record to defend I wouldn’t show up either.  If facing off against a conservative attorney is too intimidating for Wargotz, where is the courage to take the heat in Washington?”

Jim Rutledge is tired of politics as usual and believes Marylanders are getting wearier by the day of politicians who want to keep borrowing and spending their money. Jim Rutledge wants to reform Washington and put an end to the “tax and spend” policies of Barbara Mikulski.

For more information about Jim Rutledge and his campaign for U.S. Senate in Maryland, please visit the campaign online at

Paid for by the Rutledge for U.S. Senate 2010 Committee.


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