More from Washington Counties Next Sheriff, Jim Woods

We simply cannot afford the business as usual politics and policies that have thrown our National, State and local economies into chaos. This attitude possessed by many of our current elected Officials that they know what is right and the people are not capable of understanding is false.

The preamble to our constitution begins with three simple, but deeply profound words: “WE THE PEOPLE “. This short sentence establishes a foundational concept of the American Government experience.

A Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Our elected officials are to be from among our ranks, to serve the majority opinion and for the good of the National as a whole.

Yet with each passing decade our government’s ( National, State and Local ) have evolved into the morass of self interest, special purpose group, and self absorbed individuals who have lost sight of the serve duty they owe to the people who elected them.

Because of this, vast sums of our hard earned tax money have been wasted, thrown at problems that require far more than mere finance. We have suffered from a lack of leadership, because our elected officials have stopped leading and become followers of special interests or personal agendas.

I abhor this condition and will not sit idly by, watching my community suffer and the people ignored. It is time to restore government to it’s originally intended purpose. To SERVE.

I pledge to work to this end as Sheriff of Washington County. To SERVE, these are not just words, but my belief and hearts desire.

Jim Woods

Candidate for Sheriff

Washington County, Md.


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